For Ages 15-30: The Most Common Hair Problems and Their Treatments

Mai Atef
11/17/20, 12:00 AM

Hair problems and ways of treating them is something we're all familiar with one way or another throughout our lifetime. That's why we wanted to help you understand the different hair problems that we go through from ages 15-30 and the possible solutions or treatments for them.

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Causes of hair loss from ages 15-30 

Many girls and women think they suffer from hair loss, while hair loss is actually common and on a daily basis. The normal rate for any girl, specifically between these ages are 50 to 100 hairs per day, and that's normal. But, if you feel that the problem is getting worse or more excessive than  normal, then you should start to understand the possible causes of hair loss and the treatment that best suits you. 

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1. Changes in hormones

Changes in hormones are among the things that can cause hair loss, especially for teenage girls. The hormone responsible for hair loss is dihydrotestosterone, which is usually present in men, but is also there in a smaller percentage with women and girls. With some changes in hormones, the hair follicles themselves can decrease or become inactive.

2. Having a condition or illness

The presence of a condition is one of the most common causes behind hair loss in women at different ages, whether in their teens, 20s or 30s. Like hereditary baldness, that can appear in girls, and can be foreseen if the mother also suffers from it. Alopecia can also cause significant hair loss. It is worth noting that there are some conditions that can cause hair loss because they make changes in hormones such as the thyroid gland.

3. Using harmful chemicals on the hair

We all get curious to try different things on our hair and sometimes it can get too much, like excessive use of hair dyes and straightening treatments that contain a lot of harmful chemicals and can cause hair loss, especially with repetitive usage. Also, exposing the hair to a lot of heat excessively can cause hair loss.

4. Stress and mental health

Most girls between the ages of 15-30 are exposed to a lot of mental stress, from school, to work and just growth and life in general. Our well being and mental health can affect the hair and cause hair loss. If you're struggling with your mental health with anxiety or depression they can really affect hair loss to a great extent.

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5. Malnutrition

Not getting enough nutrition can really affect your hair's health. Hair needs nourishment, just like the body and it needs nutrients to help it grow healthily. Therefore, your food should contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients to protect it from falling and to nourish it naturally.

Hair loss treatments for ages 15 to 20

You can try doing homemade natural hair treatments to help thicken the hair as much as possible. Also, try fixing problems from the source and work on your mental health and doing stress relieving activities. Also, you could see a doctor if you hair loss is excessive or more than normal to understand the cause and get treated professionally.

Causes of brittle hair from ages 15 to 30

A lot of people suffer from brittle hair problems like split ends, but choose to cut the ends in order to get rid of them. It is important to first identify the cause of brittle hair so ensure you can protect the hair from the source and treat its problems. 

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1. Dry hair

Hydrating the hair and making sure it's getting enough moisture is important for summer and winter. We tend to get lazy about that, so it is better to try as much as you can to do natural hydrating hair remedies at home or use moisturizing hair masks and creams. 

2. Chemicals and heat

We all love changing our hair color or trying different straightening treatments, but it can weaken the hair significantly, and you can start noticing it becoming weaker, with split ends appearing even if you're giving it moisture. That's why the hair needs special care after exposing it to chemicals or a lot of heat, in order to regain its strength again. Heat can make the ends dry and brittle, so try to expose it to less heat to protect it from damage.

3. Malnutrition

Not giving hair the nutrients it could need makes it weak and more prone to breakage. Therefore, your diet should contain vitamins and minerals for your hair. You could also apply masks to help you moisturize and nourish hair in a natural way.

4. Stress and anxiety

Anxiety and stress can make the hair more vulnerable to weakness and breakage. So try to give your hair extra attention to combat the influences that are weakening it. 

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5. Use the wrong hair tools

The vast majority doesn't pay attention to what tools they're using and if it's right for their hair.  Using the correct tools can help you maintain healthy hair while styling it. It is preferable to stay away from a comb with narrow teeth or made of plastic, when brushing your hair or breaking knots because it can cause breakage and split ends. Try a bamboo wide tooth comb instead.

Brittle hair treatments for ages 15 to 30

You can protect hair from split ends by doing natural hair masks to help your moisturize hair constantly. Try to reduce exposing it to heat. Hair serums can also help wit the effect of heat on the hair. Also, don't forget to trim the ends of the hair every once in a while.

Causes of dandruff  from ages group 15-30

1. Changes in hormones

Dandruff can especially be a problem during your teens, because of some changes in the hormones can cause the body to secrete a large proportion of oils in the scalp and therefore causing dandruff.

2. Skin conditions

There are many skin conditions that can be behind dandruff. For example women in their 20s and 30s can suffer from eczema, psoriasis, and others. So, if you're finding your dandruff difficult to treat or it's excessive you can see a specialist.

3. Loss of some elements

If you suffer from weak hair in general, then the presence of dandruff could indicates that it needs some nutrients like zinc, omega-3 and vitamin B. Consult with you doctor and see if it's the cause and what treatment to proceed with. 

Dandruff treatments

There are a large number of famous natural remedies that can help you get reduce dandruff in a natural and easy way. But you can also follow the medical method with a doctor if you prefer.

Causes of frizzy hair from ages of 15-30

This is considered one of the most common hair problems that women of different ages struggle with. The causes are different and have to do with some wrong habits that we could be doing or a problem that we're unaware of. 

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1. Chemicals

All the hair products that are used can contain some chemicals that affect the hair. That includes shampoos, creams or any hair products. Also the frequent use of dyes and straightening treatments can negatively affect the hair and increase frizz.

2. Sun and wind

Sometimes how much time spent in the sun goes unnoticed, but it can increase frizz and so it is important to try and protect your hair as much as you can when going out. Also, if there's a lot of wind you can wear a cap or tie your hair back to try and decrease its likelihood to get frizzy.

3. Easy moisture loss

Some girls who have dry hair suffer from easy loss of moisture, which makes the hair prone to frizz faster. This is not an easy thing to control because it has to do with the nature of hair, but you can try giving it extra care by protecting and moisturizing it to protect it from frizz.

Treating frizzy hair 

Applying oils or trying some natural recipes for frizz reduction can really help. When shampooing your hair try not to go too overboard with scrubbing the scalp with your fingers. Also use hydrating conditioners.

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