As we get older, our bodies slow down the burning process, so things get slightly harder. If belly fat is a concern for you, we understand why you're finding it frustrating and harder to lose than in your 20s. So today we're talking about how to lose belly fat in your 30s and tighten the stomach with physical activities. 

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NOTE! Always remember that there is no perfect body shape, beauty standards are messed up and there is absolutely nothing wrong with belly fat. It does not affect your beauty and it's not something you should be worried about all the time. Your mental health is much more important that anything else. We're all different with different body types and our differences are what make us beautiful. However, if it something you wish to work on, this is for your health first and foremost before appearance or anything else. Your confidence is what makes you beautiful, not your weight.

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How to tighten stomach in your 30s:


We know you've heard this a million times before but water has been shown to help with weight loss and of course, overall health. You can help yourself drink more water by developing a routine where you fully drink a glass or bottle of before each meal. Not only will it reduce your likelihood to snack too much, some say water helps burn fat as well. 

Intermittent Fasting

This is something you can try, but don't have to stick to if you find yourself tired, dizzy or lost for energy. Everybody is different so what works for somebody might not work for you. However, Intermittent fasting was shown to be successful and helpful for losing belly fat. You don't strictly stop yourself from eating or go on a diet, it's just about giving yourself certain time frames that you can eat within. There are many different types and schedules that people try. The one below is just an example...

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The more we grow up the more we lose muscle...

So, moving your body is key. Any form of activity is really important and it doesn't have to be any strenuous. Just some morning stretches, a daily walk, maybe later on you can start moving to power walks and jogs. A soft morning yoga routine can also help, focusing on your core. Just keep your body moving. 

If you get in the habit of loving exercising and working out, you can start doing, but building up gradually and gently, more intense exercises and cardio.  Just take it step by step and listen to your body. 

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Food Habits

Of course, you know that reducing carbs is a good option here. You don't have to take something completely out of your diet, but try reducing things like carbs, sugars and increasing healthy vegetables, that contain fibers and vitamins. Also try not to eat heavy meals right before bed.

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Your estrogen levels

If your estrogen levels are higher than normal, they could bee behind weight gain or belly fat. So make sure you get tested so you can see if it's being it and check with your doctor on what you can do to help, if that's the case. 

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