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For Your 20s: How to Lose Belly Fat and Tighten the Stomach

Mai Atef
10/27/20, 12:00 AM

A lot of people look for different ways to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach, and because these things a different depending on your age, the last time we talked about teenagers and this time we're focusing on your 20s. We'll be talking about some of the ideal ways and lifestyle habits that can help you learn how to lose belly fat in your 20s

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NOTE! Always remember that there is no perfect body shape, beauty standards are messed up and there is absolutely nothing wrong with belly fat. It does not affect your beauty and it's not something you should be worried about all the time. Your mental health is much more important that anything else. We're all different with different body types and our differences are what make us beautiful. However, if it something you wish to work on, this is for your health first and foremost before appearance or anything else. Your confidence is what makes you beautiful, not your weight.

How to tighten stomach in your 20s:

Avoid unhealthy habits

1. Most of us tend to eat a lot of fast food, especially in our 20s because we spend most of our time not at home, whether we're at college or work. But if you try to eat more healthy food, even like preparing a meal at home before going out, you could start seeing a difference with your tummy. 

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2. Consuming a large amount of caffeine is a mistake that we do without noticing. Drinks that contain a large percentage of caffeine affect our weight, in the abdominal area specifically. That's because caffeine resists the portion of insulin in the blood and stores fat in the body, which could lead to belly fat. It is better to replace drinks that contain a lot of caffeine with green tea, which has less caffeine and contains some nutrients for the body.

3. Not getting enough sleeping can affect weight as well, especially the tummy. That's because the metabolism process becomes slower than usual, especially since sleep has a positive impact on the percentage of burning fat.

Food habits to reduce belly fat

You do not need to follow a drastic diet to lose some weight. You just ned to adapt, adjust and reduce a few things that can make a difference with your belly. Just remember that everything works in moderation, you can still the things you love but with more balance and moderately. 

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1. Reducing sugars

Try to reduce your sugar intake, in general, by having smaller portions of sweets or picking ones that aren't too heavy in sugar. Also try to take less sugar in your drinks.

2. Drinking enough water

Drinking enough water throughout the day can have an incredible effect on the body. It reduces the feeling of hunger and also helps with calories. For example, if you love eating a lot of sweets, drinking enough water throughout the day will help you feel more full and reduce your sugar cravings. 

3. Pick healthier food options

Make sure you're having a lot of vegetables and reducing your consumption of food with a lot of fat or fried foods. You can also try eating more beans, like lentils, which can keep your satisfied and full or longer periods of time and so help with losing fat in an easy, non-abrasive way.

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Exercising and doing workouts to tighten the stomach

Exercising in general is really good for your health. Doing some cardio and Ab workouts or even any general activities can really help tighten the stomach. Even walking, jumping rope and cycling can have a strong effect on your body. 

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