Farida Osman has been really inspiring to a lot of us. She is one of the most famous Egyptian swimmers and has gained the title "The Egyptian Swimming Butterfly", along with her many medals and international awards, including her Olympic success of course. Farida Osman has also contributed in supporting and empowering women in society. And so we wanted to gather some of her most empowering moments and contributions, that made her a huge source of inspiration for girls and women.

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1. Farida Osman participates in an initiative to combat violence against children in schools

Over the past couple of days, Farida Osman participated in a new initiative to combat violence against children in schools, in cooperation with the Goethe Institute. Most of us know that this violence is not only by the teachers, but also between children themselves, which can be very traumatic and difficult. Under the slogan ‘Schools without Violence’, training workshops were held for teachers, school administrators and social workers in order to help students feel at peace and create a more safe and peaceful environment in schools. Farida Osman shared on Instagram her dreams since childhood and the positive impact sports had on her.

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2. Farida Osman supporting women who have been subjected to sexual harassment

With the spread of awareness on sexual harassment cases in Egypt. Farida Osman shared on her social media her support for every woman and girl subjected to this crime and encouraged them to not stay silent and to ask for help from the National Council for Women. "No shame, iit’s on them not you.” 

3. Farida Osman on Forbes’ list of the 30 most influential people under the age of 30

This year Farida Osman made the Forbes’ 30 under 30 list in the Middle East. She is the first Egyptian to win two medals in a world championship and has represented Egypt twice in the Olympic Games. Only 5 women in Africa won medals in swimming. In addition to her continuous support for Arab women in order to break down barriers and stereotypes for women in Africa and the Middle East. She also always encourages women in the Middle East to fight any difficulties in order to achieve dreams.

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4. Farida Osman and cyber bullying

Of course, most celebrities face a lot of negativity and cyber bullying. Farida Osman got a lot of negative and horrible comments on one her pictures. The comments were about her look and how she looked masculine and not pretty. Farida didn't respond or react and she didn't let people's comments get to her. She continued to post beautiful pictures of herself and went on to do stunning photoshoots. Her silence here spoke louder than any words and it showed how she didn't need to prove anything to anyone. 

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5. Farida Othman participating in projects to support children and teenagers

Egyptian swimmer Farida Othman always participates in projects that can provide support for children and teenagers, such as the one she participated in, in 2017 in cooperation with Plan International, UN-HABITAT, and Women in Cities International in order to establish cities in Cairo and around a world so that it is easier for children and teenageers to live in good enviiroments that provide them with a healthy space to learn, exercise and achieve their dreams.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @farida_osman