Everyone's losing their minds excited over the announcement that Adele with be hosting Saturday Night Live, while also speculating that she might be teasing a new song album! I think we can all agree that everyone loves Adele, not just for incredible talent and voice, but also because of how real she is. She's always been brutally honest and was never one to glamorize or show things as they aren't. I think people feel a strong connection to her relatability and also find her and that relatability, a long with her vulnerability, incredibly empowering. So today, we wanted to talk about some of Adele's best and most empowering moments that resonated with a lot of people. 

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1. Someone Like You performance at The Royal Albert Hall

This is one of her most powerful performances and a very popular one with over 5 million views on YouTube. One the best things about it was actually her introduction to the song, talking about where it came from and speaking very candidly about her ex who inspired this song. What was beautiful about it was her honesty on how despite the heartbreak, this relationship and person changed her life. She voices her respect and appreciation for what they once had and it's refreshing and powerful to see. Check it out... 

2. "The bigger your career gets, the smaller your life gets."

I love this interview because she gets real about fame and about how it's actually not real, it goes away and so you have to not let it get to your head. She talks about how normality is essential if she wants to keep writing records that people can understand and relate to. She also surrounds herself with people who are real and honest with her. Take a look...

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3. Stage fright and anxiety 

She has been very honest about how she still gets stage fright, even after all her success, and that she struggles with anxiety and generally feeling overwhelmed. I think it's refreshing, especially for young artists and regular at home talents, to see that even some of the greatest singers in the world suffer from stage fright and getting anxious. It's problematic to feel like the stars we look up to are flawless and that they have no fears or worries, and important to remember that they're just human too and they're just like you, and this is how they manage to power on and through. 

4. Her raw honesty 

In this interview she talked about her Grammy performance and how there was a mishap that messed up the sound. She was very honest about how it got to her and she spend the day after crying. She's always open about her vulnerability which I think shows a lot of people how you shouldn't apologize for how you're feeling. She also talks about what she would do if this error on stage happens again, and I thought it was really refreshing and interesting. Check it out here...

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5. Hometown Glory

I remember listening to this song and before understanding or knowing what it's about, I remember feeling emotionally empowered. Feeling like no matter how dark, confusing or unfair things might seem, you can stand up and beat whatever it is stopping in your way. To me, the song had strong sense of nostalgia and appreciation for where you come from that I find really beautiful and empowering, and I think it's why it resonated with a lot of people. One person interpreted the song to being about how 'the memories of hurt' are beautiful and what made her stronger.

6. She can make fun of herself in the best way

Another reason people really relate to her and find her hilarious is because of how she always makes fun of herself. She doesn't take herself too seriously and you can always tell during talk shows, interviews and speeches how genuine she's being, which makes things even 10 times more hilarious, and also in my opinion moving. It's a reminder for everyone to not take yourself too seriously and look back and laugh, even at the things you might not have found funny at the time. 

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7. Beyoncé tribute 

When Adele won album of the year, she dedicated most her speech to Beyoncé, one her personal idols. She very emotionally talked about how Beyoncé's album influenced her and about how her work empowers so many people, including herself and her friends. It was such a strong empowering moment to see women appreciate each other women and highlight the strength of their work and influence.