I watched Emily in Paris in 3 days because A. I was really curious, B. missed Paris, C. The fashion and D. Heard there was a really gorgeous french actor everyone was swooning over. Emily (Lily Collins) goes to Paris for work and is assigned a job at Savoir to bring an 'American perspective' to the French marketing firm. She is a master at social media and marketing and so I found myself intrigued and inspired by a lot of her ideas. One of my teammates suggested that we work on a piece showing the work tips and lessons I learned from watching Emily in Paris so here it goes.

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20 career tips I learned from Emily in Paris:

1. Smile and say bonjour, even if you don't actually know how to say bonjour.

2. Dress up to work. There's no such thing as being overdressed. 

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3. Always be nice, you'll come out a winner.

4. Whether you like it or not, social media is incredibly impactful.

5. Watch and learn well what everyone else is doing and then go ahead and do something completely different.

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6. Take a tragic situation and turn it to your advantage.

7. Always do the unexpected.

8. Bring in an outside perspective.

9. If you want to make some noise, go big or go home with a shocking controversial campaign.

10. Believe in your ideas and yourself until the very last minute.

11. Getting fired does not in any way mean you failed.

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12. Study your client well. Oh and networking, networking and networking. 

13. Your work will speak for itself. But also, there's nothing wrong with talking it up as well. 

14. Talk yourself and your idea up, even if you're ambushed, not prepared or don't know what you're doing, people will believe you if you're confident.

15. Look for inspiration and ideas everywhere. They're literally everywhere. 

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16. Stand up for what you believe in, even if it risks causing problems, time and money. 

17. Don't get intimidated by your colleagues. Do you and do your work. Brush off their attitude. 

18. Being liked is not important, as long as you're nice, happy and doing your job. 

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*Of course if the negative energy and unkindness is making you miserable, then move on. No job is worth ruining your mental health over.

19. It's okay to break the rules if you believe in your goal.

20. Don't take things too seriously, unless a million dollar watch is involved.

21. Never EVER mix business with pleasure, unless you're pretty sure he's the love of your life and even then, some serious groundwork needs to be laid down.

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Here's the Emily in Paris trailer if you're curious about watching it:

Main Image Credits: Emily in Paris Via IMDb