Are you working hard and you feel like it’s time to ask for a raise? Asking for a raise, if you are not getting paid enough is an important step that you should consider. We got the help of our HR to find out what is the best way to ask for a raise and how to get one.

First Make Sure You Deserve a Raise…

You can ask for a raise if you know that you are working hard and you deserve the money. This means that you are fulfilling your targets and exceeding expectations and exerting effort in your work.

The Right Time

The ideal timing would be the beginning of your new contract or the beginning of a new year. This is a very good time because the company will be setting the raising budgets.

How To Ask For The Raise?

1. Go to your direct manager and tell them you deserve a raise.

Don’t feel afraid to take this step, and go to your manager and start discussing why you think you deserve a raise.

2. Present the case smartly.

If you are sure you deserve a raise, then you must highlight what you think you added to the company, how hard you're working and the effort you're exerting at work.

3. Be reasonable.

Numbers don’t lie. So make sure you know the market range you are working in, and how much people usually make in your job position and calculate a reasonable raise.

4. It’s not just the money.

Raise is not just about increasing your salary, it’s also about benefits. You might get a lower raise than you expected, but benefits like medical insurance and transportation make a huge difference as well.

5. Be persistent

Asking for a raise is not about seeing if you can get it or not. Asking for a raise means you think you deserve one. So, be persistent and always negotiate terms without giving up easily.

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