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Videos and Steps for Breast Cancer Self-Examination at Home

Dalia Hosny
10/15/20, 12:00 AM

Since October is the 'Breast Cancer Awareness' month, I decided to dedicate an entire article to encourage women to do a quick breast self-exam at home! Taking care of your health doesn't always mean exercising and dieting, sometimes you just need to observe and take extra care of the changes happening to your body. Here are some breast self examination steps and videos to help you learn how to check for breast cancer at home

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Note: This does not replace getting a mammogram and getting checked at the doctor's. It is extremely important to do regular checkups to make sure everything safe and healthy. So, please make sure you constanltly dedicate some of your time to go to the doctor and get professioinally checked. It really could save lives. 

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How to check your breasts for lumps at home...

Breast Self Examination Steps: 

1. Start the breast cancer self-exam by standing in front of a mirror with your breast area naked and land your hands on your hips with your shoulders still and straight.

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2. Pat with only one hand and move it around your breasts in circular motions. Go all the way to reach out your armpits and beneath your breasts.

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3. Another method to a breast cancer self-exam is by raising your arms to have a better sight of your armpits and the area under your breasts. Check each side thoroughly.

4. You can also lay down on your back while doing a breast cancer self-exam, so you can get full coverage of the your breasts. When you lay on your back, the tissues of your breasts spread over your chest. Lift one hand and rest it against your head, next use your other hand to feel for any changes. This way you will have better exposure to any tiny lumps or swollen tissue.

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While doing a breast cancer self-exam, if you notice any changes to your breasts in a form of a lump, redness, soreness or any changes in the place, size or color of your nipples, then you should probably get a medical checkup. Remember that you should always do this breast cancer self-exam once per month.

Main Image Credits: Dainis Graveris on Unsplash


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