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OB-GYN Gives Advice for Pregnant Women During COVID-19

Farida Abdel Malek
7/27/20, 12:00 AM

We asked OB-GYN and Senior Consultant in Infertility and IVF Raouf Mowafy to give us some tips for pregnant women during COVID-19. We were surprised to hear that his focus was mostly on the patient's mental health and well being before anything else. He believes the panic and fear is not good for her health and so he started his advice with...

- First and foremost please do not panic. We know it's easier said than done, but it is more important than ever to try to find ways and practices to calm you down so your stress and anxiety doesn't affect your health and your baby.

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- Don't listen to just any advice or talk you hear on social media or from family members. Many controversies and unconfirmed facts are being circled around.

- The only advice to follow are the general safety rules and doctor's advice because any precise medical details about pregnancy and the virus are still under investigation.

- No one can say for sure anything about coronavirus risks for the baby. Many of these questions are still under investigation and research and so nothing is for sure now. So try not to stress yourself worrying about that.

- If you get flu symptoms, don't panic and assume the worst. You could have just caught a cold or regular flu. Simply consult with your doctor.

- Work on your peace of mind and enjoy your pregnancy.

- You still need to go to your doctor's appointments because they are very important for you and your baby, with the right precautions of course...

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1. Stay at home, even after lockdown is over.

2. Avoid close contact with anyone. Avoid being around sick people or people who are constantly exposed to others.

3. Wash your hands really well, as frequently as you can.

4. Don't touch your nose, mouth, eyes with unwashed hands.

5. Disinfect and frequently clean objects like your phone keys, wallet, door handles and so on.

6. Social distancing is crucial.

7. Stay away from crowded places.

8. Wear a mask in public and if you're forced to have a visitor or helper, have them wear a mask too.

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