Second Pregnancy Trimester: The Do's and Don'ts You Need to Follow

Author Farida Abdel Malek
Time 6/29/20, 12:00 AM
Second Pregnancy Trimester: The Do's and Don'ts You Need to Follow

The second trimester of pregnancy is during weeks 13 to around week 26. This is when discomfort might start fading away slightly and it is one of the better phases of pregnancy. But, of course just like with any stage in the pregnancy there are do's and don'ts during the pregnancy second trimester that you'll want to keep in mind...

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Note: It is important that you consult with your doctor first and foremost because every body, every baby and every pregnancy is different. You doctor should give you clear instructions on the do's and don'ts that you should be following. 

Here's a guide for do's and don'ts during pregnancy second trimester:

The Second Trimester Do's:

Do keep up the regular checkups 

Regular checkups are still as important and should be regular throughout your pregnancy, so you can have updates on you and your baby's health, along with the necessary tests asked by your doctor. 

Do prepare your hospital bag

It's always best to be prepared and have your hospital bag at the ready with everything you're going to need for the baby's arrival.

Do start moisturizing

Your belly will start stretching, so you can start applying safe doctor recommended creams and oils to keep the stretch marks and itching at bay. 

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Do talk to the baby and monitor movement 

Your baby at this stage will start moving and responding to you and your voice. It is important to also be aware of the baby's movements so that if you notice any changes, more movements or less movements, you check with your doctor immediately. 

Do have a balanced diet

A balanced diet is important for your health and weight. Make sure you're getting enough milk products and milk so you have the necessary intake of calcium. Also, have a diet high in protein because protein is essential for the baby's healthy growth. You also need food that is rich in iron, but of course just like with everything else, check with your doctor how much of each you should be having a day because too much of anything may be harmful.

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Do wear comfy clothes

Your body is changing everyday and you want to make sure you're not wearing anything too tight, so start wearing maternity clothes that are comfortable for you and your belly so you don't affect circulation. 

Do keep exercising

Gentle pregnancy safe exercises, like yoga for pregnant women, are really good for you because staying active will help you with muscle pain, weight gain, sleep and even your mood. Just make sure to check with your doctor which forms of exercise are safe, which poses are safe and which aren't. Your instructor should be cautious with that as well. Of course do not particle in any intense dangerous actives or sports. 

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Do prep your home 

You can now start prepping your home for your baby with all the baby needs, equipment, safety measures and generally baby proofing the house. 

Do gain weight cautiously and gradually

Too much weight gain or too little can affect the baby. So make sure you're gaining the normal and healthy amount of weight according to your body and your doctor's recommendation.

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The Second Trimester Don'ts:

Don't lie on your back

The ideal position is on the left side. Lying on your back, especially for a long time, can add pressure on the spine and blood vessels. This can affect the baby. 

Don't travel if you have any complications

It is usually safe to travel in the second trimester, but if you have any special conditions make sure to ask you doctor first, and always wear a seat belt!

Don't smoke or have caffine

This stays consistent throughout your entire pregnancy. Caffeine should be avoided because it can actually affect the baby's heart rate, and smoking or alcohol is not an option. It is definitely a don't

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Don't wear high heels

It is better to stay safe than sorry and avoid any injuries or falls. So try to wear comfortable shoes that keep you steady, supported  and grounded. 

Don't do dental procedures

Unless your OBGYN approves, it is advised to not have any dental procedures, X-rays or medications that can be harmful for the baby.

Don't get stressed

Yes, easier said than done, especially when you're carrying a human inside you, but it try to find ways to relax and calm down. Talk to a counselor or try mediation and relaxation exercises, because high stress levels have an impact on the baby's health. 

Don't eat anything undercooked

Undercooked meat can be extremely dangerous. Check out here a full list of foods to avoid while pregnant. 

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Don't go in hot baths and saunas

This applies throughout your entire pregnancy as they raise the body temperature which causes a lot of problems for the baby, like birth defects and risk of miscarriage.  

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Cleaning litter boxes 

Your cat's waste is full of bacteria and parasites which are very harmful for your pregnancy and the baby so please do not clean your cat's litter box. 

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