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The Struggles of Breastfeeding by 5 Moms and How to Overcome Them

Jasmine Kamal
3/9/20, 12:00 AM

No one can understand what you're going through unless it's someone who has literally been in your place. Which is why when it came to the topic of breastfeeding, we knew we only wanted to ask moms about their hardest breastfeeding problems. On our Instagram we asked mothers to share with us the one thing they didn't know about breastfeeding. The responses we got showed us what are the most common breastfeeding problems...

Here are some common breastfeeding problems and their solutions:



One of the moms summed her struggles with breastfeeding in just 1 word. Everything. In fact, a lot of new moms say that they felt that there wasn't enough information out there about the realities of breastfeeding. All in all everything about breastfeeding is hard, physically and psychologically.

The solution: If you want the process to be easier, don't look at it in the general sense. Try to identify and write each problem separately, and then start taking it step by step to find a solution.

"Holding the baby properly"

Another, and perhaps very common problem is how to properly hold the baby while breastfeeding. Finding the right positioning to hold the baby to the breast can be difficult. There's also the constant fear that you could cause the baby pain or suffocation, which causes a lot of moms anxiety from the moment they first hold them.

The solution: There are many breastfeeding positions that can help you carry the baby comfortably without causing pain to either you or them. You should always consult your doctor on which position is best and safest for you and the baby throughout different periods of your breastfeeding journey. 

1. Cradle breastfeeding position


Sit in a comfortable supportive seat, with your baby in your right arm. Put a pillow under the elbow of the hand holding your baby, to help you raise the baby's head to the breast. Start by holding the breast from the area around your nipple and pointing it towards the baby's mouth.

2. Laid-back breastfeeding position


Slightly lie back with a comfortable pillow behind your back. Hold your baby with their face facing you, and their nose at the same level as the nipple, so your baby can easily latch on.

This position is known to be comfortable for mothers who had c-sections, as well as for the baby in the first few days, when it's difficult for them to hold on to the nipple.

3. Football breastfeeding position


This situation is good for when your breast size is large. All you have to do is hold your baby with one of your arms next to you and with your elbow bent. Then support your baby's head with your hand and point it at the corresponding breast.

4. Side-lying breastfeeding position


If you're tired on the constant waking up for breastfeeding, you will like this comfy position. Lie on one of your sides, point the baby's mouth to your breast with one hand, and support their back with the other. As soon as your baby starts to east, leave the breast in their mouth.

"Waking up frequently to breastfeed"


Some mothers wake up every hour and others every two hours, which means they barely get enough sleep and it's why moms suffer from severe fatigue, especially in the first few months after giving birth. 

The solution: First of all you should know that your baby waking up at night isn't necessarily something to worry about. They usually wake up frequently because they need to feel safe. However, there are some steps to help with that...

1. Have your baby sleep next to you so they feel safer and can start waking up less. 

2. Breastfeed your baby really well during the day, so that the food they had before bed can prolong their need to wake up hungry frequently.

3. Make sure your baby is breastfed from both breasts equally, which helps them grow properly and reduce the chance of them getting hungry quickly.

"Breast pumping and the pain it causes"


Some babies refuse to breastfeed, or sometimes health problems occur to the mom, which makes it difficult for her to breastfeed. In comes breast pumping, which can be very painful for a lot of women. 

The solution: Did you know that breast pumping actually should not be this painful ?! In fact, most mothers don't do it correctly, which is why it hurts them. 

1. Use nipple creams to keep your nipple in good condition. In a lot of cases, the nipples get inflamed and cracked, which increases the pain when pumping.

2. Make sure to switch between breasts, so that you don't add too much pressure on one of them.

3. Make sure you're sitting properly when you're pumping. The more straight your back is, the easier the milk will flow and reduce the pain.

4. Being relaxed is so important. Sometimes mothers will experience more pain because they're tense and scared.

"The pressures of my breastmilk supply"


Mothers face pressures of another kind after giving birth, often from their own mother or grandmother. Sometimes they both have a strong opinion about the amount of milk you're producing. Of course it comes from a place of love and care, but it can cause the you to feel a lot of stress. 

The solution: There's no use at this point of you adding more pressure on yourself...

1. Tell them that you will discuss it with your doctor.

2. Consult your doctor about whether your milk is enough. 

3. Make sure you're getting the right nutrition for you and your baby's health.

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