A lot of new mothers are confused about nursing bras for breastfeeding, because their shape, size and functionality is different than regular bras. It can also be difficult to find places to buy nursing bras and maternity bras. Since we're trying to give all mommies what they need on their journey from the first weeks of pregnancy up until their baby's birth, we're showing you where to buy nursing bras and the information you might want to know so you can find the best nursing bras for you.

How to choose and find the best nursing bra:

1. Easy to open nursing bra

Of course it is always best to choose a bra that is easy to open or one that you can remove using only one hand, so you can easily breastfeed your baby when you're out. So make sure you pick a nursing bras that opens at the front by the breast. 

2. Comfortable bra size

Make sure you choose a bra size that is comfortable and probably larger than your's before pregnancy and birth. That way the milk will flow easily and you won't put any added pressure on the breast.

3. Avoid buying in bulk

Your bra size can gradually change with breastfeeding so don't buy a huge bulk. Just buy one or two bras that are a bit larger than your regular ones.

4. Wraps around perfectly

Make sure your bra wraps perfectly around your chest. Which means it should be leveled all around without being too raised at the back. 

5. Cotton nursing bras 

Pick a bra that is made of 100% natural cotton or a combination of cotton and lycra so you can allow the skin to breathe and let air in. Preferably choose a bra with a cup that is made entirely of  natural cotton, so you don't get any irritations or rashes.

6. What to avoid

Try to avoid bras that are elastic or take the shape of the breast when stretched. That way you can minimize pressure on the breasts. Also avoid bras with under-wires for the same reason.

Here are some nursing bras for breastfeeding, along with where you can shop for them...