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What Are the Right Types of Bras for Breast Cancer Treatments?

Ola Moheb
10/22/20, 12:00 AM

"What is the right bra for after breast cancer surgery?" This is a question that is not of any less importance than any other breast cancer concerns many woman might have. What a lot of women might not know is that it's strongly advised by doctors not to wear bras with metal supporters for any woman with breast cancer especially during the period she undergoes chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, and even after it. That's because both the fibers and the skin are usually so sensitive during the recovery period. Yes, many women may give up wearing bras when having breast cancer, however, a lot of other women don't find this easy or suitable for them.

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NOTE: It is most important to consult your doctor and ask for his recommendations before you try something or pick the bra to go for. Every case if different and your doctor should know the ideal way for your to go

Thus, here is all what you need to know about the suitable and right bras for breast cancer  from which size should she pick to where she could get it...

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In general, doctors advise breast cancer patient to wear bras that fulfill the following points:

1. It should be of a soft fabric from the inside such as cotton. It should never be made completely out of polyester material.

2. It should cover the whole breast and separate each side as well.

3. It shouldn't have metal supporters but rather any supporting alternative.

4. It should be flexible and could easily be tightened/loosened as desired. It should also be comfy for the back.

Recovery periods after a surgery could last for almost a year. This period includes recovering from dermatological and psychological changes that take place after radiation therapy. Thus, a bra type and size could possibly differ due to these changes or due to any other factors such as weight loss. Swollen breasts after a surgery is also a crucial factor we can never ignore when picking the correct bra size/type.

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Bra types actually differ according to the surgery:

Bras for breast cancer lumpectomy surgery

Despite the fact that cotton linings are the softest and the most comfortable, a bra with a blend of both cotton and polyester is better for patients who underwent this type of surgery. This is because the breast tends to return to its original shape and you will need a bra that has some elasticity and stretch. It's also recommended to wear the pocketed bra which has a cotton pocket in it that is flexible to remove/add whenever needed. This type is available at MakeMerry.


Bras for breast cancer Mastectomy surgery

These type of surgeries sometimes mean that only one breast will be removed. Therefore, bras customized to support artificial breasts are the most suitable in this case. A woman should try any bra before she buys it to make sure it fits her very well and gives her the shape she desires. These bras could be found at AnaOno.


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Flat bras for concealing scars and adjusting shape

This type is one of the most comfortable types that actually are so elegant and completely cover the breasts, and it could be found at Amoena.


Important breast cancer bra questions that you need to know:

1. "Do I have to wear one of the previously mentioned bras for breast cancer or I can just quit wearing any?"

It is highly recommended to wear a bra of the mentioned types. Quitting wearing a bra at all isn't a preferred option for some cases. However, if you don't want to wear the ones mentioned, you can wear any of the ordinary bras that have a soft fabric as long as your doctor didn't advise you otherwise.

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2. "How do I know my new bra size after undergoing a breast cancer surgery?"

Stores that sell breast cancer specialized bras always have special sets of sizes. You can even go to the store (or reserve an appointment if it's an online one), for a fitting where a specialist will help you pick sizes suitable for you and try out different fits to select the one you are most comfortable with.

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