We've talked before about how to smartly shop for your baby before he/she is born, in order to make the most out of your picks for the longest period possible. Today, and since winter has already arrived, we're telling every mom-to-be the golden tips she should follow in choosing her tiny baby the perfect clothing in this freezing cold season...

Often, we hear many questions like "how many pieces should a newly born baby wear" And whether wool is a recommended material or not, or what are the possible methods to keep the baby's head warm. Well, all of these are critical questions because any tiny mistake might cause problems to these little angelic creatures.

That's why we decided to collect the following tips into a condensed list from which any mother will be able to choose the suitable winter clothes for a baby.

So first, what is the common body temperature for babies?

As confirmed by the majority of doctors worldwide, the temperature of newly born babies ranges from 36.4 to 37.6 degrees Celsius, which means that any increase or decrease out of this range might indicate that the baby is sick. Therefore, keeping your child's body temperature constant as much as you can is crucial.

Then, in order to choose the suitable winter clothing for your little beloved newly born, make sure to follow the following tips:

1. Layering

It's really common for mothers to always dress their newly born baby in numerous layers of clothes especially during winter. Well, guess what? This is completely wrong! Too much warming up can possibly cause the baby to catch a cold once exposed to the slightest cold breeze. Therefore, the right and safe thing to do is to dress your baby in the normal number of pieces any adult should be wearing while adding only one extra piece. Just like grown ups, we wear an outfit and then take a jacket in case it felt colder than what we expect!

2. Fabrics and textures

Always choose the materials that preserve the heat among the clothes layers, this will keep your baby warm. Cotton is the most recommended material; it's the softest on the babies skin, and it doesn't allow for the baby's natural body heat to be lost. Avoid any rough textures such as wool, and if it was necessary, make sure that there is a cotton layer underneath to protect your baby's skin from any irritation.

3. Full coverage

To protect your baby from the freezing cold weather, you should always cover him/her up completely. This means that you buy them gloves, stockings and ice caps. Don't forget, all of them should be in cotton.

4. Blankets

You don't need to wrap your baby in a blanket all the time, just as long as you're outdoors in the cold. When you're home, it will just be enough to keep your baby covered only during sleep. Also, while wrapping your child with a blanket, make sure the wrap isn't too tight so as not to cause difficulty in breathing for the baby.

Now, there is a very important concern, how to know if your baby isn't comfortable with his/her clothes? Here are the indicators:

1. To know that a certain clothing is actually bothering your baby, make sure he/she isn't wearing too much layers as mentioned before. Once a baby starts to sweat and the breathing rate gets faster, you should know that too much layering is the reason. In this case you should immediately reduce the number of layers worn by your baby.

2. If a change in your baby's skin color has taken place, in other words, it became pale, this is a strong indicator that he/she feels cold. You should then do any of the above tips to keep the baby warm as quickly as possible. Wrap them in a blanket, put on a pair of gloves and socks or even dress them in more layers.

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Main image credits: Instagram @sweetdreamphotography