Maternity clothes are usually what every pregnant woman looks for. From my point of view, postpartum clothes are just as important, especially if you're going through the breast feeding phase. Whether your decide to return to work after your maternity vacation, or you're just looking for something suitable to wear when you're out with your baby, breastfeeding is something that should be considered while you pick out your clothes. Being able to comfortably and easily breastfeed your baby when you're out is probably your number one concern after giving birth. Also, not having to struggle with milk stains is another thing every mommy wishes to achieve. Today, we've brought you a bunch of tips and tricks on what to wear out when breastfeeding a newborn baby without having to worry about any stains or obvious brestfeeding signs.

1. Always remember to use breast pads before you go out. You can buy the type that suits you, some of which can be washed and used again or used only once, depending on your budget and what is convenient for you.

2. Make sure to get yourself appropriate bras that will make you comfortable in your new chest size which is usually larger than the normal due to breast feeding. There are these bras that come with zippers to make it easy to open and close, which will make it easier for you to change the chest pads whenever needed.

3. Choose the clothes that can be easily washed in the washing machine since you will usually have to change on a daily basis. This will help you  avoid exhaustion from the  types of clothes that require manual washing.

Then, make sure to follow these tips while picking what to wear in your breastfeeding period:

Colors and prints: You should always choose darker colors or interlocking prints and patterns since they draw attention away from the shape of the breast, and if a leak of milk happened by accident, it will not clearly show.

- Cardigans: It's always a life-saving-tip to have a cardigan with you when you're out. Why? Because even thought your outfit might be perfect, you should always have a back up plan in case you got milk stains on it or your breast got swollen suddenly.

- Fabrics: Avoid polyester since they will show any milk stains that might occur even if you managed to wash them away. This fabric also takes forever to dry, so stay away from it while you breastfeed!

- Tight tops: Avoid wearing this style as much as possible as they may lead to chest pain or may even cause you nipple inflammations. 

- Accessories: It's always a good trick to wear a dominant necklace that gives a statement to your outfit and accordingly, catch the attention more than anything else.

- Scarves and cover ups: These are what I like to call 'jokers'! You can just put any scarf or cover up and become worry free in a moment! They will 

- Skinny pants: Avoid these as well since they won't help you remain flexible or comfortable especially if you stay for long hours at work. Skinny pants might also create an inconsistent appearance between the upper and lower body parts.

Main image credits: Instagram @laurenkaysims