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10 Foods That Breastfeeding Mothers Should Eat to Increase Lactation

Fustany Team
1/24/17, 12:00 AM

Breastfeeding mothers must follow a certain healthy diet to maintain and increase lactation. If you just gave birth, already breastfeeding or you’re a mum-to-be, then you should know about these 10 types of food that increase lactation, and breast milk. They’ll be a great help to you during your nursing time!

1. Eat almonds to increase lactation:

Almonds are loaded with vitamin E and Omega-3, which are crucial for breastfeeding mothers. Why? Because they induce lactation glands, so have six pieces of almonds or crush them and drink them with milk.

2. Drink carrot juice to increase lactation:

Carrot juice contains vitamin A, which is responsible for milk production and maintaining its quality.

3. Eat spinach to increase lactation:

Spinach is a natural resource of folic acid, iron and calcium. All three prevent anemia during pregnancy, and they detox your body from any toxins to provide your baby with healthy milk.

4. Eat Fenugreek seeds to increase lactation:

Fenugreek seeds are an ancient method that breastfeeding mothers have been following for years. If eaten regularly, it is scientifically proven that within three days, milk will increase. You can have one tbsp of fenugreek seeds two to three times per day, you can have it with honey, add it to your salad or even drink it as tea.  

5. Sea food, and especially salmon is great for lactation:  

Another type of food that's full of Omega-3 is sea food, especially salmon. And we said before, Omega-3 is good fat, and breastfeeding mothers need good fats to produce healthy and beneficial milk for the baby.

6. Eat oats to increase lactation:

Are you looking for something natural to give you energy? Oats are the answer; they are also full of fibers which are good for your digestion and your milk.

7. Load up on dried fruits, especially apricots and prunes to increase lactation:

Dried fruits contain many vitamins, besides, they are beneficial for hormones, and good hormones mean better breastfeeding experience.

8. Drink milk to increase lactation:

You should drink at least two to three cups of milk every day; milk provides your body with the fats you need to breastfeed properly.

9. Drink water to increase lactation:

You need to drink a lot of water during breastfeeding, drinking enough amount of amount prevents your body from dehydrating, which is very likely to happen because of all the fluids coming out of your body.

10. Eat sweet potatoes to increase lactation:

Sweet potatoes are full of potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B complex and magnesium. It is also a very good natural source of energy, so you don’t feel tired and exhausted during nursing.


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