Cotton swabs are the one product you will probably find on every girl's dresser. It is one of those magical items that can be used in a million ways, okay maybe not a million, but a whole lot of ways. Do you really need an intro to tell you all the ways you can use a cotton swab? I'll just get into it!

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1. You can use the cotton swab as your very own makeup brush. This is more suitable for when applying eyeshadow though, just dab the cotton swab in the eye shadow and apply it to your eyelid. You can even go for the smokey eye by rubbing the cotton swab on your upper eyelid. 

2. Just like cotton swabs can be used to apply makeup, they can be used to shape and remove your excess makeup. Ditch the cotton balls, and dip your cotton swab into the makeup remover. It can get to the smallest places and remove the tiniest spots out of place. 

3. Outlining your lips after applying lipstick. Let's face it, using your fingers is just not accurate, but the cotton swab is! Run the cotton swab around your lip line and adjust any smudginess. 

4. What sucks about applying nail polish for yourself is the blotchy stains that happen around your nail. But no worries, a cotton swab can fix that! Just dip the cotton swab into some nail polish remover and go over the boundaries of your nails without ruining the nail coat on your nail.

5. So your eyeshadow palette will probably not fit in your tiny clutch. Just dip the ends of the cotton swab in the colors you used and place them in a small plastic bag. That will definitely fit in your clutch! That way you can touch up your eyes at any time. 

6. Ditch the little makeup brush and fill in your eyebrows with a cotton swab. It will look way more natural. 

7. Did you know that cotton swabs can actually come in handy when you are waxing. If you want to apply some wax to a small area, use the cotton swab to spread it.

8. Haven't had time to go and get your eyebrows done? Just dip a cotton swab in Vaseline and brush your eyebrows into place.

9. No lady likes puffy eyes! So place a few cotton swabs in the freezer, and once they have frozen, roll them under your eyes to alleviate the puffy swollen skin.

10. Spot on! If you have an annoying pimple on your cheek, no need to apply acne cream to the whole area, just dip the cotton swab in the cream and apply it on the spot directly. 

11. Looking for a long lasting scent? Dip a cotton swab in one of your favorite oils and apply it to your pressure points, such as the wrists and back of the knees. 

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