Nail polish removers are just a necessity in every girl's beauty kit. But guess what, nail polish removers have more to them than just getting rid of your nail polish. Taking care of your nails could require some effort and time, yet by choosing the right nail polish remover for your nails and skin, you can easily eliminate part of the hassle. 

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Nail polish removers have two types; acetone and non-acetone. Acetone nail polish removers are the most common type, and most of the beauty brands have high acetone percentages in their nail polish removers, because they tend to remove your nail polish fast. Acetone-based  formulas are more likely to absorb the color of your nail polish faster, which makes an easy removal process. Yet, have you looked twice at your nails after using nail polish remover? If your nails turn white and go extremely dry after removing nail polish, this means that your nail polish remover contains lots of acetone and you need to go for one with less acetone. Very harsh nail polish removers tend to absorb oil from your skin and dry out your cuticles

On the other hand, non-acetone nail polish removers tend to be colorless with a very mild smell. Undoubtedly, non-acetone nail polish removers are way better, as they're tender on your nails and cuticles. However, you may require extra few minutes to have your nail polish fully removed.

Generally there are plenty of nail polish removers. Next time you shop for a nail polish remover, make sure to checkout the type that suits you the most: 

Nail polish remover types: 

1. Bottled/liquid nail polish remover

They are the most common type of nail polish removers, and they come in acetone and non-acetone formats.  

2. Remover pads

They are moist pads that are soaked in either acetone or non-acetone formulas, and they can remove up to two coats of nail polish. The best thing about them, is that they're functional and portable. Remover pads are great as they can quickly remove the embarrassing layers of chapped nail polish in no time. 

3. Corrector pen nail polish remover

If you're a nail art lover or you regularly apply nail polish to yourself, then this is your new best friend! Corrector pens are extremely easy to use and can work like magic to remove the annoying excess nail polish on your cuticles.  

4. Instant nail remover pot 

Most suitable for traveling and fast use. All you need to do is to dip your fingers and voila, nail polish is gone! 

RGB Remover Pads photo by Mathea Millman

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