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Nine Fashion Tips for Breastfeeding Mothers

Sara Khalil
2/19/20, 12:00 AM

Right after giving birth, you can’t wait to fit into your old clothes again, right? But if you're breastfeeding, you should know that there are some clothes that may make things a bit harder for you and your little one. So here are nine fashion tips for breastfeeding mothers, to help you through the first few months of your beautiful and exciting journey. 

So here's what to wear when you're breastfeeding: 

1. Nursing Bras

First fashion tip for nursing mothers, is to make sure you switch from regular bras to nursing bras. A nursing bra is a lot softer from the inside, it doesn’t have a metal wire inside it, and it helps the milk flow normally in your breasts.


Oysho Non-Wired Cotton Maternity Bra

2. Avoid buying any nursing bras before giving birth

The size of your breasts will change after delivery. You can buy a piece or two before delivery, just  so you can check the quality and the type of nursing bras you’d want to wear. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with the wrong bra size or type.

3. V-necks

Another fashion tip for breastfeeding mothers, is to wear more shirts and dresses with a V-neck. This way, it will be easier for you to uncover your breasts to feed your baby. And for winter time, you can wear scarves to cover your neck and avoid catching a cold.


H&M MAMA Nursing Top

4. Avoid high necks

Avoid wearing sweaters with high necks, unless they’re super-sized or large from the bottom, so you can feed your little one whenever you want.

5. Button-downs!

A useful fashion tip for breastfeeding mothers, is to fill your wardrobe with button-down shirts and dresses, they’re super comfy and they look amazing. It will make your breastfeeding experience a lot easier.


Mango Flecked Denim Jumpsuit

6. Wrap Dresses

If you’re a fan of day dresses, don’t limit your options to maternity dresses. There are many stylish and comfy designs you can choose from. For example, the wrapped dress with the V-neck is perfect for you and it will make you look sexy.


Missguided Blue Belted Mini Dress

7. For evening dresses...

Try not to pick a dress that is tight on your breasts. Remember, your breasts are still very sensitive and you need to be always comfortable. If you fail at finding something with the qualities you want, you can always customize a dress that would go with your taste and your needs.

8. Be careful of your accessories 

You’ll have to be very careful of long necklaces, sharp and edgy accessories, as they’re dangerous for your child’s safety. Try to avoid them when you're breastfeeding. 

9. Baby slings

Last but not least, use baby slings as they’re really comfy and they look very stylish. It’s like an accessory for you and your baby.


Dessert Baby Ring Sling

Main Image Credits: Instagram @ storq


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