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7 Tips to Help You Pick the Best Underwear for After a C-Section

Mai Atef
3/30/20, 12:00 AM

Many mothers get confused with what to wear after a C-section. If you're a new mom and it's your first time giving birth, you might want to know what underwear is best after a C-section. It is important that you wear panties that are not irritating and that won't cause you any pain. We've gathered for you some information that could help you out when choosing your C-section underwear and where you can buy it.

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Here are 7 tips on what underwear to wear after a C-section:

1. In the beginning your C-section wound will be really sensitive, so it is preferable to go for high waisted panties so that the waistband isn't touching it and causing irritation.

2. Make sure you pick really good quality materials that are comfortable and won't cause any irritation or rashes, so that it doesn't affect how your wound is healing.

3. Avoid wearing your traditional cotton undies. They won't be comfortable and supportive after your C-section because they're more loose and shorter.

4. There are panties specifically designed for post C-section, like compression underwear to hold your tummy in place. However, make sure you listen to your body, if anything you're wearing his too tight or uncomfortable, then take it off. Your doctor should give you advice on what is best for your wound. But, these tightening undies should help reduce swelling and provide support for weaker tissue.

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5. Silicon underwear should help reduce the appearance of your scar, as it also works on tightening the abdomen and helping restore its shape.

6. When shopping, make sure you get a sufficient amount of underwear that will be enough for at least 3 months, to ensure that your stomach is fully supported until its recovery.

7. Make sure the panties are elastic enough so that you can feel comfortable breathing and moving in them. And of course so they don't apply too much pressure on your stomach that could be painful.

Find below some C-section underwear and where to buy it:

1. The C-section underwear are available now at Noon, they have the high shaping panty ones.

2. Shop the comfy Lycra underwear from Amazon.

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3. Get your comfy C-section underwear now available at Jumia.

4. Carina has the full brief panties with elastic waists ,that are perfect after C-section.

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