Puffer coats and puffer jackets are a huge trend this winter 2020. And because a lot of pregnant women find it difficult to wear something so puffy, we're here to show you how puffer coats can actually look pretty great as maternity wear. After you read our pregnancy style tips, you can scroll down to see puffer jackets and puffer coats outfit ideas for pregnant women in the gallery below.

Pregnancy style tips to follow when choosing a puffer jacket  

If you're in your last months of pregnancy, it would be more comfortable for you to choose a loose fitted puffer jacket or coat, so you can wear it in more than one way, open and closed. But, if you already own a normal fitted one, you can wear it with most of your clothes and have it open. You know by now that we're obsessed with Rocky Barnes' pregnancy style and we love how she styled her puffer jackets when she was pregnant.


Which puffer jacket color to go for?

We think you'll like it more if you go for a deep dark colored puffer coat or jacket, like black, gray or even olive green, if you want to slim or balance the look more. If you have a light or bright colored jacket already, you can wear darker colors underneath.  


Wearing a puffer coat during pregnancy

Longer puffer coats are really flattering and you'll actually be surprised by how much you end up loving it. Just make sure you go for a slightly bigger size so your bump will be comfortable when you close it. You can wear it with different pieces like midi dresses, yoga pants or even jeans. One of the best tricks we found and loved from Juli Stanislav was wearing a puffer coat with a belt to show off and flatter your baby bump. 


What to wear with a puffer jacket or coat 

The puffer coat or jacket suits most outfits; casual wear, denim, sweaters, sportswear and even winter dresses. This is why we think it's one of the best style choices for maternity wear, especially if you get lazy, like us, when picking out outfits.


Main Image Credits: Instagram @rocky_barnes