Congratulations! So you found out that you are infact with child, and are about to begin the process of your belly growing larger over the next nine months. With a growing belly, comes a new wardrobe, a maternity wardrobe. However in the first few months of your pregnancy, you're probably thinking, 'I can still fit into my favorite pair of jeans.' And yes you can, you just need to do a little altering, and transform your regular pair of jeans into maternity jeans. 

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The trick to transforming your favorite pair of jeans to maternity jeans, is to do them in a way, where you can reverse the action after you give birth. It is quite an easy process really…

1. Using a pair of scissors, cut open the sides of your jeans, about three to four inches wide. By the side, I am referring to the seam at the edge of your front pocket. 

2. As for the length of your cut, it should be equivalent to the length of  the edge of your pocket. Usually jeans pockets have a round metal pin/button at its edge, stop when you reach it. 

3. Now that you cut out both of the sides of your jeans, it is time to add the elastic fabric. Just make sure to get the color of the elastic fabric something neutral, or close to the color of your jeans. 

4. The elastic fabric is supposed to fill the space you just cut out of your jeans. So place the fabric from the inside of your jeans and sew them in. I would recommend using a sewing machine, so that your finishing could be done well and subtly. 

Voila, you just widened your jeans and can wear them for a few extra months. After you get your previous body back, you can either sew back your jeans or send them to a professional tailor. They will look brand new. 

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