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Rock Your Pregnancy Outfit with the Short 70s Dress like Deema Al Asadi

Hager Hatem
5/28/19, 12:00 AM

Short dresses are always a modern comfortable choice for pregnant women. They were very big back in the 60s and 70s. By wearing them women made a statement that they can look great at any condition thanks to their feminine chic design.

Deema Al Asadi managed to revive this trend during her pregnancy by wearing short modern dresses. And we wanted to tell you all about it today to inspire you to look your best during pregnancy.


Al Asadi wore a short polka dots dress with no cuts which is perfect for the late months. And what’s great is that you can style it with a feminine pink bag and shoes.


For special occasions, you can go with a fuchsia dress with ruffled sleeves and wear it with short heels or mules and a small bag.


As for the first few months, you can go for the printed dress that's a bit tight around the belly so your baby bump is well defined as if you are a 60’s star. And a few embellishments with roses would highlight your femininity.

All Image Credits: Instagram @deemaalasadi


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