I have a special place in my heart for eye makeup in general. It has the power to make the eye look really interesting and special. And I can't deny that I really love watching makeup tutorials and found myself bumping into a lot of colorful smokey eye makeup tutorials recently, that caught my attention.

When you combine color, which flatters and brightens the eye color with Smokey eyes, which intensify the eyes and give the makeup look an edge, you get an amazing combination of sexy, fun and very flattering eye makeup.

So here's how to do a colorful smokey eye:

1. Green Smokey Eye Makeup


Green is one of the most popular shades this year, especially the deeper tones. So if you want to try out something new and exciting, give green a go. Also it looks stunning with brown and hazel eyes.

2. Grey Smokey Eye Makeup


Grey smokey eyes are a classic, they're very popular because they can be very cool toned or a bit warmer if you mix it with warm taupe-y browns. It's also gorgeous on green and blue eyes.

3. Red Smokey Eye Makeup


Red is a bit daring, but if you have green eyes you will regret not trying a red smokey eye. It makes the eyes pop so beautifully. You can blend with it shades of rose or pink to make it more subtle and not as intense.

4. Orange Smokey Eyes


Orange eyeshadow shades are really beautiful on tan and deeper skin tones, especially if you go for a monochromatic makeup look like these ones here:

5. Rose Smokey Eye Makeup


If you want something less daring and calmer, try rosey eyeshadow shades. Shimmers in these tones are really flattering and perfect for glamorous evening looks and date nights.

6. Blue Smokey Eye


Pantone chose a shade of blue as their color of the year, so why not go for a blue smokey eye? I personally recommend it, it's gorgeous on brown eyes.


Main Image Credits: Instagram @hungvanngo