8 Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes That Are Easily Irritated and Teary

Mai Atef
12/2/19, 12:00 AM

Sensitive eyes are very common problem among us women. I am one of those girls who suffers from sensitive eyes, which makes it difficult for me when it comes to applying eye makeup, because I always end up tearing up and ruining my makeup. 

So, I started looking for eye makeup tips for sensitive eyes.... 

Using eye drops before applying eye makeup

Make sure you use eye drops from putting on your eye makeup. This could help minimize the tearing up. Don't just use any eye drops off the counter. Make sure you ask your doctor to recommend you one for your sensitive or easily irritated eyes. The eye drops I use help remove dust and they hydrate the eyes, while also helping with redness.

Are the makeup brushes clean?

You need to make sure to wash your makeup tools and brushes regularly so that bacteria doesn't accumulate on them, which can cause irritation and runny eyes. Also make sure the makeup products you use if not too old or expired.

Hypoallergenic makeup products

There are a lot of makeup products on the market now that are labeled as Hypoallergenic. This means that they're suitable for people with sensitivities whether it's sensitive eyes or skin. You can find Hypoallergenic mascaras, eye shadows and eyeliners. You eyes can be sensitive to traditional makeup products because of certain chemicals that can irritate the eyes.

Use an eye primer

Before applying any eyeshadow or eye makeup, put on a primer first. It helps the makeup adhere better to the skin, so there will be less fallout, which irritates the eyes. Also the primer will help your makeup last longer, so if there's any tearing the makeup is more likely to stay put.

Avoid applying eyeliner or kohl to the waterline

One of the things that easily irritates the eyes and causes it to tear is applying kohl or eyeliner to the lower waterline. Try to avoid applying it there as much as possible. You can substitute it by applying it below the lash line and smudging it.

Avoid using loose powder

When using a loose powder base or a loose powder foundation, the powder tends to get in the eyes and irritate it causing it to tear or itch. Try not to use it and substitute it with compact powder or a finishing makeup setting spray to give your base a nice finish.

Always take off your makeup before bedtime...

You should always take off your makeup before bed and cleanse your skin really well. Leaving your makeup on or having any remnant of eye make will further irritate your eyes and increase sensitivity.

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