Fustany Tried It: Inglot HD Corrective Primer for a Natural Makeup Look

Zeinab El-Fiqi
5/28/18, 12:00 AM

Like many girls, I love makeup, but lately, I couldn't really wear any because I've been doing a chemical peel to my face. Whenever I try to apply foundation, my face reacts very badly, and it becomes even drier. So, I was looking for a substitute that would just give my face some glow, after all, I am doing this chemical peeling so I can have the baby skin, that doesn't need any coverage I've been dreaming about.

I headed to the mall and found myself in Inglot. Now, I've never used their base products before, and I was very fond of my M.A.C makeup products, and couldn't imagine that I can find anything as good. One of the makeup artists in the shop offered his help, and I told him about my problem. He then recommended that I use Inglot HD Corrective Primer, and since I have a red skin, he also recommended that I buy it in Peach or Green shade.

Before I tell you what I honestly think of Inglot HD Corrective Primer, let explain me what the product promises to do:

HD Corrective Primer goes in 5 colors to even out the skin tone and cover the imperfections. The Lily extract and the hyaluronic acid moisturize and smoothe the skin. Moreover, each one of the primers is enriched with carefully chosen ingredients that improve skin condition, it also improves application and prolongs life of makeup. The 5 colors serve different skin shades and conditions. For example, pink shade revives the color of sallow skin, highlights the skin. Green shade neutralizes skin redness and disguises broken capillaries. Yellow shade neutralizes skin redness and purple discolorations and absorbs sebum. Peach shade covers up blue and purple discolorations and highlights the skin. and last but not least, Mocha shade neutralizes brown spots. 

I bought it for $36, which is not cheap if translated to Egyptian pound, so, I was expecting a good result. And that was the most effective makeup product I ever bought, I fell in love with it. First of all, it is very light you don't feel like you're wearing makeup. And I honestly don't know the logic of it, but this primer hides imperfections, and it did even out my skin tone and it gave me a glow, but it didn't look like I had any kind of makeup on my face. 

So, yes I recommend Inglot HD Corrective Primer if you want to make your skin look beautiful and glowy naturally. This is the ultimate no makeup/makeup look!        


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Zeinab El-Fiqi

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