'The power of makeup' was a trending hashtag for many reasons, among them is the incredible effect eyeshadow can have on your eye shape and even eye color. Halo eye makeup is very popular for that very reason, it is incredibly flattering, dramatic yet soft and easy on the eyes. It makes the eyes pop, making them brighter. It is almost like a spotlight placement where you darken the outer edges of your lid and add a pop of metallic, shimmer shade in the center of your lid to give the illusion of incredible dimension, movement and light. 

Below is one of my favorite halo eyes makeup tutorial by the talented Karima Mckimmie. She shows the process step by step so you can follow along. Also, the colors she chose are universally flattering so anyone can start practicing with this. Try it and tell us what you think!

Main Image Credits: Instagram @karimamckimmie