A Makeup Brushes Guide for Beginners: 9 Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Farida Abdel Malek
11/6/19, 12:00 AM

Over the years I developed a deep liking to makeup brushes, one that has me buying 2 brushes that do the exact same thing, just to test out how they perform differently. However, I remain someone who likes basic makeup brushes that are easy to use and quick to give me the results I need. I get a lot of questions about makeup brushes and their uses, so I wanted to gather these 9 brushes that are perfect makeup brushes for beginners and explain what they do and how they can make your makeup application easier on a daily basis.

So, here's out makeup brushes guide for beginners:

1. Foundation Brush


Zoeva 102 Silk Finish 

In my opinion the fastest and easiest foundation brush is a buffing brush. The brush above, is one I actually own and have used for years. I am yet to find a better brush to flawlessly blend my foundation. This type of brush is great for perfect liquid and powder foundations. It doesn't soak up too much of the foundation and offers a really well blended application, that doesn't need any skill or expertise. It really helps blend the product into the skin flawlessly and because of the size, you can be done really quickly. I especially love for medium to full coverage foundations

2. Concealer Buffing Brush 


Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush

When it comes to concealer, just like foundation, I want something to blend out the concealer quickly and evenly without any streaks. Now this brush, above, is really special because it's actually an eyeshadow brush. However, I use it for concealer to get the best of both worlds. It blends out the concealer flawlessly into the rest of my face and I also use it to clean up any eyeshadow mess I could have made near my eyes. It buffs it out and blends it really nicely. 

3. Tapered Contour/Bronzer Brush


Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush

For those of you who would like to contour but don't know how, this is kind of brush that will do it for you. Its tapered end helps it sit nicely below your cheekbone, but you can also with circular motions use it to blend out the bronzer or contour seamlessly. This brush can also be used for powder and highlight, so it's a good investment. 

4. Angled Blush Brush


Sephora Collection Makeup Match Blush Brush

I chose an angled brush for blush, because I personally find this the easiest to apply blush with. It does the work for you by positioning the angled side towards the middle of the face and sweeping outwards. Also, these days, blush trends are moving more towards the '80s, where it was higher and positioned closer to your cheekbone and a brush like this is great for that. 

5. Eyeliner/ Pinpoint Concealing Brush


MAC 209 Synthetic Eye Liner Brush

This is an eyeliner brush that is ideal to use with gel eyeliner. It is not too long so you will have more control and precision. It is also really great for pinpoint concealing. Pinpoint concealing is when you apply concealer with a very small precision brush on pimples and acne that is hard to cover. You can check out how to pinpoint conceal here.

6. Base Eyeshadow Brush


Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

I have this brush and I have to say it is probably the easiest eyeshadow brush I own. It has relatively flat sides, which is makes it good for depositing and placing eyeshadow on the lid. But, its ends are also fluffy, which is helps you blend out your eyeshadow nicely. This is definitely my number one recommendation for eyeshadow beginners. 

7. Eyeshadow Blending Brush


MAC 217S Blending 

The legendary MAC 217. It is not only a makeup artists' favorite, but also most eyeshadow users' as well. It is the perfect shape and size for applying and blending out eyeshadow in the crease. I always have a clean one on hand, so I can keep going back to blend out my eyeshadow application as I go. It is also good with cream products as well as powder. 

8. Pencil Brush


Morphe X Jaclyn Hill JH38 Perfect Pencil Brush

I was not sure whether I should I add this to my list or not, but decided to in the end because of its multifunctional use that will makeup a lot of your eye makeup steps easier. A small pencil brush is first and foremost great for blending out eyeliner in the lash line. It's the easiest tool for a quick and effortless looking smokey eye. It can also be used on the bottom lash line to apply eyeshadow and blend it out under the eye for sexy eye definition. You can also use it for your inner corner highlight or under the brow highlight. 

9. Spoolie


MAC 204 Synthetic Lash Brush

The spoolie is an iconic and staple brush in every woman's kit. It has so many different uses, and when it comes to makeup, it's two main uses are to brush out the eyebrows, fix the hairs into place and to brush out your mascara from any clumps. Brushing out your mascara will help you control the fluffiness of your lashes and make them look nice and fluttery.


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