A Makeup Artist's Magic Contour Trick to Hide Big Swollen Pimples!

Farida Abdel Malek
2/12/19, 12:00 AM

To say that my love for makeup was deeply impacted by the iconic makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, would be an understatement. Everything I know, love and understand about makeup, I learnt through her videos on youtube. What happened yesterday was a moment that made me feel like she could really be my fairy god mother of makeup. I woke up with a big swollen pimple that literally looked like a hill under my skin, (you know...the one that really hurts) and as I was randomly scrolling through my youtube feed, I found that she had just uploaded a video on how to deal with or hide large swollen blemished or pimples

Her contour technique to hide a pimple blew my mind and her level of skill is really unimaginable, while still relatable, showing her audience things that an average person can do at home easily. This trick on how you can conceal huge pimples is great for when you have important or big events and want to quickly resolve the issue without having to wait for it to heal. You can check out an explanation of the steps below and then head on to the video to see how she did it exactly and learn the technique in more detail. 

1. Skincare

If you have time, do a clay mask and apply Tea Tree Oil the night before. They will help calm the inflammation and Tea Tree Oil is a really quick way of reducing the size of pimples and making them calmer. 

2. The Base 

Start by applying a light layer of a medium to high coverage foundation

4. Darker Concealer

So when a pimple or blemish is really big to the point where it creates a high bump, it creates a shadow and darkness underneath it. In this case using your usual concealer that is exactly your skin color won't work, because it will end up highlighting it and raising it more to the surface. Instead use a darker concealer just on the surface of the pimple with a really thin eyeliner brush like this one:


Dose Of  Colors

5. Lighter Concealer

Now use your normal light concealer around the bump, away from its surface, so you can lift the shadow beneath and create the illusion of evenness.

6. Mattify

Now you must make it matte! Shine will make it be more visible with highlighting. Now take a powder and lightly apply it on  your blemish

7. Contour

Get a very light shade of contour powder and VERY lightly, with barely anything on a small fluffy brush, apply on the surface of it. Try to blend it outwards softly so there are no harsh lines at all. 

Video & Main Image Credits: Lisa Eldridge, Instagram @lisaeldridgemakeup


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