You know when your skin's been looking great and then right before an important event or wedding, a monster decides to visit you right in the center of your face? So how can you get rid of a pimple overnight? Is it possible? Well, from my personal experience with pimple removers, it might not be completely gone overnight but it can definitely be reduced and calmed enough to not be showing through your makeup or even look that prominent on natural skin.

You can find below some products and natural remedies for healing and shrinking your pimple fast. These will be your lifesavers when you've lost hope in hiding your zit with foundation and concealer. Those options will dry it, reduce the redness and if it's stubborn acne, it will bring it to the surface faster so the process can be shortened.

1. Tea Tree


This is my personal favorite method. Whenever I run out of tea tree oil, I suffer having to deal with pimples lasting the whole week. Tea tree oil is really good for drying out pimple quickly. You wake up the next day and it has reduced to half its size and dried out. It's also good for when a big, painful pimple is under the skin and won't come out, the tea tree oil helps raise it to the surface without any inflammation or scarring.

2. Zit Stick


Glossier released in September an on-the-go spot treatment pen that gained popularity really quickly. It has Benzoyl Peroxide which calms swelling because it kills germs and helps reduce the size of the pimple. that cause zits and reduces size and swelling and it also has Tea Tree Oil. It claims to show results in just three hours and reviews have shown a significant change in redness after 6 hours and in 24 hours the results are really impressive. This would be great as an emergency tool to get rid of a pimple fast and fuss free. 

3. Drying Lotion


A lot of people swear by drying lotions for its instantaneous results. It's a popular method for drying out pimples overnight and giving the affected area a clearer, less bumpy surface for makeup application if you have an important event.

4. Green Tea

By now we know the great benefits of green tea when it comes to inflammation, so you can imagine how much it can help with your acne quickly. Brew a tea bag in hot water and wait for it to cool before soaking a cotton ball in the tea and applying it to the pimple or acne affected area.

5. Egg Whites Mask

Egg whites are known for their incredible firming qualities, however, the egg whites can also get rid of acne because they soak up the dirt and oil from the pores that are causing breakouts. Dab a cotton ball in whisked whites or use a mask brush to apply it to the infected area or on your entire face. Place a thin layer of tissue over it and apply another layer of the egg whites or yolk to help it stick. Leave it on for around 30 minutes and then peel it off. If the smell doesn't bother you, you can leave the whites on your pimple overnight.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @glossier

Information Sources: BustleDeepica Mutyala