Acne has been giving me the worst time of my life, until I learned how to beat it. And that was by knowing the types of  food I needed to stop eating to avoid acne.

By following a healthy diet, and visiting my dermatologist regularly, I was able to finally control my acne. So let me introduce you to some of the foods that you need to stop eating now to avoid acne.

1. Dairy products.

The first thing you should stop eating to avoid acne is dairy products. Milk, yogurt, cheese and any other form of dairy contains testosterone. Testosterone stimulates oil glands in the skin, and as we all know, too much oil makes your skin set and ready to break-out.

Remember, you need to give your body another source of calcium and vitamin D if you’ll cut down your dairy intake.

2. Too much chocolate.

Sad, but true! You need to eat less chocolate to avoid acne.

Now you think you already know this, but wait, let me give you some facts. Chocolate has no direct relation to making your acne break. The high sugar/high fats you eat all the time are the reason why your acne is breaking out. When you start eating the right way, avoiding foods that contain high sugar or high fats, then eat a piece of chocolate from time to time, then you’ll be surprised by the results.

3. Reduce the amount of spicy food.

While there is no scientific proof that spicy food has a direct effect on acne, but most people notice that their skin tends to break-out more after eating spicy food. Just to keep on the safe side, try to eat less spicy food. If it’s no big deal for you, try to completely avoid it.

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4. Nuts can make your acne go nuts!

Again, foods that contain high sugar are no good for your skin. When you eat too much nuts, you’ll end up with fats that won’t just make your acne break-out, but also your jeans' zipper unable to zip!

5. Bread, rice and everything nice.

What’s common between bread, rice and pasta? They’re full of carbs! When carbs enter your body and start to burn, they turn into sugar. And as we said before, foods that contain high sugar are bad for you. Sugar is translated into insulin in the blood, and too much insulin triggers acne.

6. Last but definitely not least, junk food.

Junk food is literally junk. It bombards your body with unhealthy hormones and trans-fats. Your skin is an indicator about your health. If your body is full of junk, your skin will always experience break-outs. If you regularly clean your body with the right type of food, and the right amount of water consumption, your skin will stay clear of break-outs.