Women are always on the hunt for finding the perfect foundation. Depending on their skin, budget and general preferences, they jump from bottle to bottle and brand to brand until the can finally say: "This is the one!"

You know the one? The one you're definitely going to put on your wedding day. The one that constantly gets you comments like, "OMG! Your Skin look incredible! What did you do?"

Well, I found "The one" and it was love at first sight. Here's why the Too Faced Born This Way foundation was a game changer for me.

1. I had really bad acne scars. I tried a lot of foundations and concealers, but they would only make them look less brown or red and more grey. Born This Way was the only one that covered them completely without making them look weird.

2. It has medium to high coverage and it layers beautifully. It doesn't turn cakey at all. So, if one layer doesn't give me the coverage I want, I layer on another one and all is well. I sometimes don't even need concealer when I have it on.

3. Feels like air. I personally hate the feeling of having too much product on my skin. So, my mind was blown with this one because for the high coverage it gives, it feels like I just put on a tinted moisturizer!

4. It looks incredible in pictures. It gives a very natural, skin-like glow. I always get compliments on my skin when I have it on and sometimes people don't even notice it's foundation!

Final Tips:

- If you have oily skin and don't like too much of a glow, I suggest powdering a bit after it.

- For dry skin, I find that it sometimes clings onto dry patches, so moisturize really well before application.

Main Image Credits: Magnus Cramer