I wish you could see how sparkly, metallic and flattering this eyeshadow looks in real life, it truly is a Christmas miracle. When Huda Beauty came out with her first eyeshadow palette, the Rose Gold Edition, everyone was mesmerized by how stunning the foiled eyeshadow formula was. When I bought it and tried them on, the texture was unlike anything I've ever felt before and on the eyes they were beautiful. 


Image Credits: Temptalia.com

I was feeling very festive a couple of days ago (I still am) and wanted my makeup to represent the Christmas spirit. When you think of Christmas makeup your mind goes to red lips or metallic, glitter eyeshadow. Now these shadows are not necessarily glittery but their intensity and metallic texture gives off the feeling that a million glitter specs were stacked on for a blinding eye look. 

These eyeshadows are best applied with your finger, so this is 10 times easier than you think. Anyone can do it and I'll tell you how with a bonus touch of glitter at the end:

1. You can prime your eyelid if you want to, but for me I these work better on bare lids.

2. I picked up the shade Trust Fund, the second one from the right top row. This look would also work with Angelic (more a metallic shimmer less foiled) , Rose Gold or 24K, anything really depending on your color preference. 

3. With a sweeping and packing motion apply the shade all over the mobile eyelid and sweep on more of the color in the center of your lid.

4. If you feel like it need a bit of blending with the crease, grab a fluffy medium sized blending brush and distribute the edges. 

5. I didn't do this but I now wish I did; grab a glitter pigment or shadow with the same color family or tones and with your finger pack the glitter on your lid for more of a sparkle.

6. I suggest doing this before foundation or concealer so you can clean up any shadow or glitter fall out. 

I promise with practice this will only take you 3 minutes and will end up looking like you've put a ton of effort into a sophisticated, editorial eyeshadow look. 

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