The eyes are among the most captivating features of the face. The smokey eye is a classic eye makeup look that will always come back on trend because of its versatility, sexiness and how incredibly flattering it is on the eyes. Good Smokey eyes really brighten the eye color and can completely transform the eye shape.

I was happy to see smokey eyes make a comeback on the runway. I always notice 2 misconceptions around smokey eye makeup; the first is that it's really hard to do and the second is that it only revolves around 2 colors; brown and black. Smokey eyes range from very easy quick looks to more complex ones. A kajal and your pinky finger are your best friends for a quick, sexy, smudgey look. However, even the more complex ones only need some practice and guidance, so keep trying and you'll get the hang of it once you get used to your eye shape and the brush techniques.

Everything I learned about makeup was through makeup tutorials. So, trust me it's a lot easier than you think, you just need to practice and remember that it's just can take it off and reapply, don't panic about a mistake. I wanted to show you a variety of different smokey eye makeup tutorials so you can see which ones fits you best and try them out.

1. Glossy/Shimmery Smokey Eyes

This is all about finding a striking, wet-looking eyeshadow or pigment and applying it this way:

2. Matte Smokey Eyes

If shimmer is not your thing, you can skip it and go for an all matte smokey eye makeup like this one...

3. Metallic Smokey Eyes

Everyone's still in love with colorful intense metallic eyeshadows. You must try them out with a smoldering sexy smokey eye.

4. Silver Smokey Eyes

Silver is one of the most flattering shades, especially with a smokey eye. It creates a beautiful contrast. 

5. Blue Smokey Eyes

You can try something a little bolder and go for blue. It also looks really great with brown eyes!

6. Pink Smokey Eyes

Pink is everywhere this year, so try it out on your eyes too for a softer but non-traditional smokey eye look.

7. Smokey Cat Eyes

You can merge your smokey eye with the very flattering cat eye. It's a classic, elegant look that suits a lot of people. 

8. Light/Soft Smokey Eyes

If you don't like having deep, dark colors around your eyes, you can substitute them with softer, earthy or taupe eyeshadow tones. 

9. Rosey Smokey Eyes

If you love rose gold and rosey tones, this one is for you...

10. Dramatic Smokey Eyes

If you're looking for drama and want your eyes to pop and make a can't miss this one. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @chloemorello