These 10 Makeup Brands' Brushes Are like Magic Wands!

Salma Khattab
8/15/18, 12:00 AM

Numerous makeup brands pop up almost every year now; even old and big-named brands frequently update their lines and products. If you're preparing your makeup kit, makeup application tools are just as important as your colorful makeup goodies. When we mention makeup applicators, we cannot ignore the magic wands, aka makeup brushes. But how to choose the best makeup brushes and differentiate between what is essential and suitable for you and what is not? Because we know it's a real struggle to look up what you need among today's hundreds of brands, we've filtered all of them to these 10 brands we believe they own all the must-have makeup brushes, from eyes to lips. We've collected the brands that are common in the following features: softness on the face, excellent blending and diffusion mechanism on the skin, high quality finishing, and unique designs and colors, so check them out:

Main image credits: Instagram @martenmagdiphotography


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Salma Khattab

She’s been passionate about art since her childhood such as drawing, singing, and playing the music. As a kid, she used to play with her mother’s makeup to apply what makeup artists did on TV shows. S...

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