Skin problems are not the same for all of us. We all experience a lot of changes in our skin, depending on the age range we're in. One of the most difficult skin conditions happen for teenagers from ages 15-19. When a lot of these common teenage skin problems emerge, many  girls find themselves confused and not knowing how to treat them.

Since all of our Fustany team has gone through this, we are well aware of the importance of paying attention to our skin and understanding the problems that could come up. So we wanted to help you, whether you're a mother, sister, a friend of a girl who is going through this or even you yourself. We gathered a list of the most common teenage skin problems from ages 15 to 19, that you should pay attention to, along with some simple beauty tips to help you take care of your skin according to that specific skin problem. 

Teenage Acne

During that age range, our hormones go through a massive change and some of them start rising, which really affects the skin, and from here acne begins to appear. But acne differs from one person to the next.

Sometimes they are just breakouts or pimples that come up during PMS, before your period. Those usually go away as soon as it's over. Others, however, get sudden breakouts that come out of nowhere, without any specific reason to time and they also disappear in the same way. Then, there are a lot of girls who get a chronic form of acne, which comes in many forms, like dry pimples, which can come with black heads, or painful acne that is full of fluids. These usually come on the forehead and cheek area.

Sometimes the acne gets worse if it's not treated or if you touch the affected area a lot, which leads to it spreading to other areas.

Tip: In the case of acne, avoid touching the acne or pimples. Also be careful not to just try anything your friends tell you, so as to not aggravate it more. Make sure you only use your own personal clean items and avoid using facial soap. Wait for our next article where we will be talking about some acne solutions for ages 15-19.

Excessive Sweating

Sweating is how our body regulates temperature. But  with hyperhidrosis, which is excessive sweating, sweating happens even when the body does not need to cool down. This condition starts to appear gradually from childhood but is more common around the age 15.

The excessive sweating happens more in the palms and feet. This is why it's very irritating for a lot of girls, when it comes to her daily life. Some might even feel embarrassed to shake someone's hands.

Tip: Visit a dermatologist because medical tests will help find a good treatment method. Some cases just need a daily prescription, while others might get recommendations for surgery.

Cold Sores

This is one of the most common skin problems. Cold sores are small blisters filled with fluid that come out around the mouth and sometimes even the area around the nose. Although it is called cold sore, it has nothing to do with colds. 

These sores can cause a virus called Herpes Simplex (HSV-1). It is infectious and can be transmitted from one person to the other through kissing or using a product after a person that has a cold sore. It usually affects children, but the infection is not visible at first. It stays hidden for years until the hormones develop and bring it to the surface when we're around ages 15-19.

Tip: Avoid using any lip products after people. If you have a cold sore, try not to touch it so it doesn't spread and it is recommended you go see a doctor as soon as possible.


Yes, you can get sunburnt no matter what your age is. However, did you know that it usually happens to girls from ages 15 to 20 and even up to 20.  This is according to a study by the American Academy of Dermatology.

At this age we're curious to try a lot of things, and that includes tanning. We also don't have a lot of experience, enough to take care of our skin.  So we overlook the moderate amount of time that could be somewhat safe for us to be exposed to sunlight. Also, some girls don't prioritize sunblock, so naturally they get sunburnt.

Tip: Sunblock or sunscreen should always be applied to protect our skin against the sun's harmful rays. If you get sunburnt you should see a doctor to give you the proper medication that can treat it efficiently without leaving any permanent skin damage, that can be difficult to treat later.

Dry Skin

Dry skin can affect any age, but it comes a lot to girls from ages 15 to 19.  At this age, we sometimes forget to make our skin and bodies are hydrated,  which of course causes our skin to get really dry and dehydrated. 

Tip: Drink at least 3 liters of water a day and use moisturizer daily.

Darkening in Some Areas of the Body

A lot of girls get darkening  in some areas of the body, which they might not be too happy about.  They can also resort to using the wrong products that can actually make the condition worse...

Darkening of the Knee:

From ages 15 to 19, we have energy, excitement and the eagerness to try new things and activities that involve exposing the skin to a lot of things. Like sitting on our knees a lot. This actually causes some dehydration in the knee area and an accumulation of dead skin, which leads to it looking a lot darker than the rest of the body. 

Tip: Avoid sitting on your knees or rubbing against ground. Use moisturizers made from natural ingredients like cocoa butter to hydrate the knees regularly. 

Underarm Darkening:

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating causes the accumulation of bacteria in the armpits, which leads to the darkening of the underarm area.

Tip: Wear cotton to absorb the sweat and prevent darkening.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @cocomaisonave