These Are 5 Products You Shouldn't Overuse If You're Under 20

Jasmine Kamal
1/27/19, 12:00 AM

As we grow up, our skin goes through different levels of requirement and needs. Our skincare requirements in our teens are completely different from in our 30's and 40's. In their 20's, a lot of people are lucky with very soft and youthful skin, despite suffering from hormonal acne, the basis of the skin is still supple and has a lot of growing to do. Sometimes, however, we can make mistakes in our teens that can cause sensitive, young skin harm that we will have to face and try to fix during our 20's.  

You might notice the difference between a 20 year old women with beautiful, healthy and youthful skin and another with signs of aging and tired, dull skin. So we wanted to provide you with some products you should use with care if you're under 20 for your skin's sake. 

Eye Cream

Try to restrain from using eye cream before you're 20, for your under eye area is still developing and probably suffers with minimal to no problems. Eye creams are ideal to start using in your 20's to prevent future signs of aging and wrinkles.

Anti-Aging Cream

Even though anti-aging creams are life changing for women to sustain youthful, firm skin for as long as possible, when used excessively at a young age, they can cause a reverse effect and can be too harsh on sensitive, young skin.


Of course you must hydrate and moisturise your skin, but try to postpone the use of hydrating oils because what you might not know is that young skin now produces its own natural oils. So you're better off using  gel or cream moisturizers. 

Facial Scrub

Try to minimize your use of scrubs or exfoliating masks because your skin is still very delicate and these can be too harsh on it.


Yes, this might be a hard one to accept, but you muse use makeup sparingly so you can allow you skin to breathe when it's this young, so it can grow and develop healthily.

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