As someone who's been lately suffering from acne -and who has extremely oily skin at the T-zone, I've been unable to keep my face as moisturized as it needs because I was too concerned on how to dry out my pimples. This made me realize that I was only drying out my whole face, which accordingly neither treated the acne nor allowed me to stay hydrated.

I had a colleague at work who advised me not to ignore moisturizing my face because doing so won't be of any sort of help in treating my acne. I tried many moisturizers that only made things worse, until a beautiful coincidence happened. I was getting my annual Sephora favorites 2018 value set that was out in their Black Friday offers, and I didn't know finally the magical solution was waiting for me, right there, in that box! What I'm talking about is Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream.

Charlotte's Cream is one product that literally changed my life although I didn't even plan to get it. It's described online as "A highly-moisturizing cream with patented anti-aging, hydrating, and youth-boosting ingredients that lift and transform the look of tired skin". When I checked its ingredients, I found out that it contains Hyaluronic acid which mainly works on moisturizing the skin. The cream also contains many oils such as Rosehip Oil and Camellia Oil, as well as Antioxidant Vitamin E that are responsible for hydrating and promoting youthful-looking skin.

The cream has a perfect consistency which allows it to easily and smoothly spread on the face and through the pores, but at the same time doesn't feel extra loose or 'watery'. It's just not too thick, not too liquid-y. Not only that, but it also smells very nice which makes doubles the refreshment of the skin moisturizing routine. I tried Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream in its mini size, but after using it for almost a month now, I'm totally getting the large jar. It's not that it didn't irritate my acne more, but after using it for that period of time, I even realised how my acne actually started to calm down!

So, for anyone who has the same problem as me, suffering from pimples and doesn't know how to correctly moisturise their face, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream will keep your skin hydrated, moisturized, soft and young!