Fustany Tried It: The Body Shop Seaweed Toner Saved Me from Acne

Nancy Hennes
12/2/18, 12:00 AM

I've never been a regular user of toner, I just stuck to a basic skincare routine; cleanse and hydrate.  I have a lot of acne, breakouts, and scarring, so I realized that that routine wasn't enough but I also didn't want any aggressive treatment on my skin. 

I had heard of the benefits of toner and read about using diluted apple cider vinegar as toner and tried it only once before I bought The Body shop Seaweed Oil-Balancing Toner. I used this toner regularly and after a while I started to notice that I stopped getting acne. I only get a few breakouts every now and then but nothing compared to before. The pigmentation and scars that I used to have were also significantly reduced and a lot of it cleared up. 

I came to understand the benefits of toner which explained why The Body Shop Seaweed toner was helping with my acne so much. Toners help tighten the pores, therefore allowing less oil and dirt to build up in them which causes breakouts. This seaweed toner is curated for oil control so it really helps balance combination and oily skin. Toners are also good because they balance your skin's PH level which means that you're giving your skin a fresh blank surface so it can absorb as many benefits as possible from the skincare applied afterwards. Seaweed is also a really good ingredient for your skin and is used in a lot of Korean beauty products.  

I use it when I wake up after I wash my face and before bed after I cleanse and before I moisturize. Sometimes when I've makeup on and I feel my face needs a proper refreshment, I use it a 2nd step makeup remover after I wash my face and it removes any  mascara and foundation remains. Also, it never irritates my skin which is very important for me. The 250 ml lasts a long time, I've been using the same bottle everyday for 4 months now. 


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Nancy Hennes

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