Who knew that I, a skincare rookie, would ever sit down and take time to write a beauty product review? Don’t let my lack of knowledge cause you to stop reading, because the benefits of this specific product are obvious, even if you lack the basic skincare know-how.

Here’s one fact you should know before I begin talking about RevitaLash’s eyelash serum: One time I was coming home from a long night out and was too lazy to use makeup-remover before going to bed. I did, however, notice that my mascara had clumped up and I, for some reason I still don’t understand, decided to use my fingernails to get rid of these leftover chunks. A few seconds later, I had managed to remove them and simultaneously pluck out a few eyelashes, leaving me with the most ridiculous-looking left eye imaginable. 

Then I met RevitaLash. I went into this trial with two thoughts: The first was “This better work” and the second was “Show me what you got, RevitaLash.” So I tried it. The product itself comes in a thin, small stick that’s not too different from liquid eyeliner or your average lip gloss. The application tool is also thin and not too long, which I found similar to those of gel or again, liquid eyeliners. As for actual application process of the eyelash serum, it was easy. All you have to do is run the brush gently on the top side of your lashes (opposite your eyeball, from eyelid to the ends of your lashes ) and you’re done. 

The serum is absorbed fairly quickly, so don’t worry about dripping serum all over your face. And yes, you can blink just fine. I applied the serum before bed every night to my top (and occasionally bottom) lashes, and I did this for about a month or so. Mind you, there were some nights when I just forgot, so don’t think of this as a full 30-day trial. The results were nothing short of amazing. I started seeing changes in my eyelashes not long after I started using the product which was a motivation for me to keep going. My missing lashes decided to forgive me and make a comeback, and the rest were thicker and longer. Basically, I went from a rookie skeptic to a die hard fan of RevitaLash in less than a month. So if you’re anything like me and your lashes need to be saved from the grip of your nails and barely-there skincare routine, do yourself a favor and get acquainted with RevitaLash.