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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

How to Avoid Clumpy Eyelashes When You Apply Mascara

You know that moment when your eye makeup is just perfect, and then you put on mascara and everything gets messed up? You get clumpy eyelashes, and you’re faced with two choices, either to remove your eye makeup or to just ignore it, and in both cases, you feel annoyed. So, let me tell you that this clumpy eyelashes situation can be avoided with these easy and simple tricks.

1. To avoid clumpy eyelashes, avoid applying too much mascara, instead, apply one coat at a time. Don’t wait until the first is completely dry before you apply the second coat of mascara.

2. When you buy mascara, make sure that the brush is fine and defined.

3. To fix clumpy eyelashes, use a clean toothbrush to brush through your lashes, it will remove all clumps, without having to use makeup remover and ruin your eye makeup.

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