When you ask women about the one makeup product they can't live without, the majority always answer 'mascara.' To make the most out of this popular makeup product, we thought of 13 mascara hacks every woman should know. There's a perfect mascara out there for every woman, but you need to know some tips and tricks to use it efficiently for the best results. From having clump-free lengthy eyelashes, to using your mascara in ways you never thought of before, here are mascara tips every woman should know.

1. When to throw away your mascara?

Your mascara should be thrown away 3 - 6 months after you first use it. Mascaras usually dry out, and using it for longer than 6 months will not guarantee you the desired look for your eyelashes.

2. The secret to clump-free eyelashes.

Don't blame your mascara for your clumped eyelashes, you're probably applying it in a wrong way. After you apply the first coat of mascara to your eyelashes, wait for a couple of minutes so it dries a bit, then apply the second coat. Now that's just one of the mascara hacks that will give you flawless eyelashes!

3. Removing excess mascara from the wand.

There's a right and wrong way to remove excess mascara from the wand. The right way, is to wipe the extra product off the mascara wand gently using a tissue paper. The wrong way, which most of women do, is to rub the wand bristles against the opening of the mascara tube. This will make the product accumulate around the opening and dry out each time you use it.

4. Using mascara instead of eyeliner.

This is one of the mascara hacks that can save you, if you ran out of gel or liquid eyeliner! Use your mascara as an alternative to gel or liquid eyeliner, by slightly dipping a slanted makeup brush into the mascara tube, then apply the product to your eyelids. Stay close to your lash lines and avoid the waterline!

5. How to fix dried-out mascara?

You can't really fix dry mascara, it should be thrown away! However, if your mascara is just starting to dry out and you need to use it because you have no alternative, you can use this trick. Fill a cup with hot water, and soak the mascara in it (closed) for five minutes. When you open it, the product will be more easy to apply.

6. A trick to get thicker eyelashes.

This is a mascara hack for short eyelashes. You can thicken your eyelashes without applying false eyelashes! All you need is your mascara, baby powder and an eyelash curler. Start by applying a coat of mascara, then apply baby powder on your lashes using a cotton swab, finish off with another coat of mascara then curl your lashes with an eyelash curler.

7. How to make mascara not spidery.

Don't freak out and wipe off all your eye makeup because you applied excess mascara! One of the mascara hacks you should know, is to use an eyelash comb to remove any excess product. Run the eyelash comb through your eyelashes from roots to tips, and the bristles will get rid of any excess mascara.

8. Avoiding mascara marks on your face.

Did you know that you can use a spoon in your beauty routine? To avoid any mascara marks on your face, get a spoon and hold it underneath/above your eyes while applying mascara to your lower/upper eyelashes. This way, any extra product will land on the spoon and not on your face!

9. A mascara tip for grey roots.

One of the unexpected ways to use your mascara is using it to cover your grey roots! If you don't have time to go to the salon to get your hair dyed, then use a mascara in the same shade of your hair and gently apply onto your scalp and hair roots. Make sure not to over-do it though, and brush your hair after you're done.

10. Don't ever share your mascara.

This isn't actually a mascara hack, but you must know that you should never ever share your mascara. Mascaras are one of the products that be contaminated with infection-causing bacteria! So for your health and safety, don't share your mascara with anyone.

11. Use the wiggle and roll method.

If there one mascara hack we swear by it's the wiggle and roll method, it will make you lashes look oh so full and give the illusion that you applied eyeliner too. So,the mascara applying technique goes like this, place the brush at the root of your lashes, before grazing your lashes with the brush, wiggle it in its place and then slowly roll the brush upwards. 

12. Clean and re-use your favorite old mascara brush. 

As we mentioned above, you should always know when to throw away your mascara, but if you're in love with brush of your old mascara, then this mascara tip is for you. All you need to do to clean your mascara brush is fill a glass with warm water and soak the brush for 15 minutes. Next using some shampoo, rub the brush against your palm, allowing the shampoo foam to cover the full brush. You'll notice residual color on your hand. Rinse with water and repeat once more to make sure it's super clean. 

13. The best mascara hack is getting your mascara to last longer. 

Sometimes your mascara finishes and you're just not ready to throw it out. The best mascara trick for every woman is extending the life of your mascara. Add a few drops of lenses solution to your mascara, shake well and that will allow you to use your mascara a few more times.

Main Image Credits: art-dept.com