Get Ready to Slay: Top 8 Makeup Trends for Summer 2023

Engy Elghannam
4/29/23, 12:00 PM

Get your makeup bag ready, as bold makeup is making a huge comeback. This was clearly shown in the latest runway shows. This summer season, the trend is all about layering liners, blushes, and shadows. However, for those who prefer a more subdued look, don't worry; there are trends for you too. Whether it's the nostalgic Y2K-inspired frosted lipstick or the viral TikTok techniques, we have predicted the makeup looks that will dominate the season. Scroll down to discover the upcoming summer 2023 makeup trends that are set to take over your social media feed.

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Glossy cheekbones

Image credit: Huda Elmufttie

Glowing skin is a timeless trend for the summer season, but for summer 2023 makeup, the focus will be on a more targeted glow. Rather than an overall "dolphin skin" appearance, it's recommended to tone down the shine on your T-zone and accentuate your cheekbones with an intense highlighter. If you're unsure about which type of highlighter to use, opt for a liquid one for a subtle, dewy effect or a powder one for a more vivid and intense look.

Black Smokey-eyes

Image credit: Noha El-sherbieny

While black, smoky eyes may not seem like the go-to summer look, their edginess is precisely what makes them so attractive, whether you prefer a soft, smudgy effect or a more defined, graphic style. It's suggested using a black eyeshadow stick to create a smudged, smokey look along your upper and lower lash lines, then using a pencil brush to blend out the edges, resulting in a perfectly summer-appropriate look.

Underpainting trend

Image credit: Karen Wazen

The underpainting technique is so popular now, where you apply contour and blush beneath your foundation for a blended effect. This technique has been taking TikTok by storm for several months and is the reason behind the polished makeup looks of stars. This makeup trend will continue to be popular throughout the summer season. Underpainting is the ultimate technique to achieve a natural, sculpted summer glow without the appearance of heavy makeup.

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Two-tone lips

Image credit: Shariff Tanyous

For a trendy summer 2023 look, consider trying a two-tone lip. Get creative with some lip art by outlining your lips in one color and filling them in with another. To achieve the best results, use two different shades of liquid lipstick that dry quickly. Apply one shade, wait for it to dry, then apply the second shade and wait for it to dry before allowing your lips to touch. Although it may be time-consuming, you'll get a bold, vibrant color that won't bleed or smudge.

Fresh skin makeup trend

Image credit: Tara Emad

On extremely hot days, no one is keen on wearing full-coverage foundation. That's why my preferred look this summer will include a light, sheer skin tint applied with a beauty sponge and a gentle cream blush to provide a touch of color to my cheeks and to achieve this fresh, dewy, and minimally covered skin.

The disco makeup

Image credit: Laila Ezzat

It was very obvious that the summer fashion trend on the runways included embellishments and shimmer, and it seems like we are going to love the trend for its summery, free-spirited vibes. So, don't be hesitant to attempt an all-over monochromatic appearance like the one shown above. You can add some face gems and a touch of glitter to your lips and cheekbones to complete the look.

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Pastel eyes

A makeup trend that will be so popular in the summer is using vivid washes of color on your eyes. If you're concerned that your pastel eyeshadow appears dusty and drab on your skin, apply a white eyeshadow base across your eyelids before applying your eyeshadow with the brush.

 Strong blush

Image credit: Shariff Tanyous

The dramatic blush styles have been showcased at many spring and summer events. It's no surprise that it will be trendy this summer. To achieve the look, select a lightweight blush, depending on your preference, either cream or powder, then use a rounded blush to help place the pigment where you want it, and then blend out the edges with a fluffy brush.



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