Easy Trendy Makeup Hacks to Achieve The Perfect Smokey Eye
Mariam Youssef
2/25/23, 2:00 PM

Makeup trends come and go, but the smokey eye never leaves the stage. There are plenty of ways to apply the perfect smokey eyeshadow and it differs from one person to another. It surely requires a lot of blending and pigmented products to achieve the fiery smokey look you’re craving. However, luckily, new trends make things easier for us and allow us to get things done way easier and faster. That said, we’ll show you some amazing hacks to achieve the perfect smokey eye makeup.

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Applying all shades at once

You’ve probably seen this hack a while ago about how to apply eyeshadow in 5 minutes vs 15 minutes. This hack proves useful, especially when you don’t have enough time on your hands and still want to look gorgeous. Use the same hack to apply your smokey shadow by layering shades from the darkest to the lightest. Once you apply the shades, use a fluffy blending brush and blend, blend, blend. Here’s how to do this hack.

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Smokey eyeliner using tape

For this hack, you need tape, a blending brush, a small eyeliner brush, and your choice of palette. Put the tape where you want your liner to be and start by applying a brown shade. Then, use the darkest shade in the palette and blend it all in. Using the liner brush, draw an eyeliner then smudge it all in with the blending brush. Once you’re done, remove the tape and you’ll have a subtle smokey eyeliner. Watch this to understand how it’s done.

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Crayon eyeliner smokey

This hack may not be the quickest yet it is definitely easy and straightforward. Use a matic crayon eyeliner and draw a circle on your eyelid that doesn’t have to be precise then color it in. Once you’re done coloring the circle, quickly use a blending brush to blend it in. You need to do this step quickly before it dries as it won’t blend easily. It is best to do one eye at a time. Take your time blending the black liner then dip your brush into a brown shade and blend the edges. You’ll need to clean out the edges with a cotton bud dipped in micellar water then use a smaller brush dipped in black shadow on your lid again to emphasize the black. Finish your eye makeup and you’re ready.

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Hack for hooded eyes

Women with hooded eyes face the trickiest challenges when it comes to eye makeup, especially smokey eyeshadow. Because the smokey shadow is centered in the lid, which almost disappears when hooded-eye girls open their eyes, there is another successful method of application. For starters, you need to use a warmer shade and make sure you go above the crease. Blend it well with a fluffy brush. Then, use a liquid black shadow and blend well. Use black eyeshadow on top and blend it well. Make sure you go above the fold line so your shadow won’t be hidden when you open your eyes. Use lower-lash mascara only to make the eyes look bigger. Watch this tutorial for a detailed application.

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The smudge smokey

If you’re looking for a lower lash line smokey look, go for this hack. Use a pigmented kajal pencil and apply it on both your upper and lower lash line. Using your index fingers, smudge the eyeliner as shown in the video and you’ll end up with amazing results. The trick here is not to apply too much liner and not to smudge harshly.

Beginner’s smokey

This is a different technique for applying smokey eyeshadow, but it’s super easy to follow, especially for beginners. With an application brush, apply a brown shade on the inner and outer corner of your eye then blend well. Then, draw a tiny line in the same places using a kajal liner and smudge it well. Apply a highlighter in the center of your lid and blend everything as shown in the tutorial.

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The key to applying amazing smokey eyeshadow is patience and not worry about perfecting it. These hacks will help you get the sexy eyes you want in a few minutes. And you can wear these looks subtly to work or glam them up a bit and go out on a date. Just trust your inner makeup artist.

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