Slip Skirts Are in Trend: Here's How to Style Them For Every Occasion!
Mariam Youssef
2/23/23, 10:16 AM

It’s rare that we find a piece of clothing in our wardrobe that can be worn all year long. We can never wear coats and sweaters in the summer and it’s tricky to wear crop tops when it’s freezing outside. However, a slip skirt is the one piece of clothing that has passed the test and can be styled differently according to the season. Not only can you style it differently in each season, but you can also wear it in plenty of ways according to the occasion. That said, we’ll show you how to style slip skirts differently for every occasion.

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Casual outings

The key to wearing casual outfits is to choose casual pieces that will emphasize your style. One of the most iconic pieces that scream casual is a T-shirt. Style your favorite T-shirts with your slip skirt by tucking them in and pairing them with white sneakers. To make your outfit stand out more, you can add unique accessories, such as a hat or cowboy boots to give off a trendy cowgirl vibe. Moreover, instead of tucking your T-shirt, you can simply tie a middle or side knot to make it look cooler.

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Work events

To transform your outfit from casual to smart casual, you need to add a special piece that will elevate the whole outfit and take it to the next level. This special piece can be a blazer or high heels or both for that matter. Layer a blazer on top of a white top and add a belt so you can rock a business woman outfit. You can wear this outfit to an interview, brunch with the girls, or a work event. Moreover, if it’s cold outside, wear a turtleneck, blazer, and boots with your slip skirt for an amazing well-put outfit.

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Office outfits

If you’re a branch manager or senior copywriter, where you have to look the part and wear formal outfits, you can style your slip skirt with a button-down shirt. Although you can wear the previous outfit to work, this style is more formal and office-appropriate. Feel free to add any accessories you like to your outfit, such as a blazer, coat, belt, or heels. If you want to make your look less formal, you can tie a middle knot in your shirt.

Date nights

On dates, you want to look nice, flirty, and feminine. Because slip skirts offer you all of that, they’re the perfect choice for dates. When it comes to what to style them with, you can go for soft sweaters. You can either tuck your sweater in or leave it as is. Your choice of accessories and jewelry can elevate your look and make you look dreamy and romantic.

A night out with the girls

With a few additions, you can transform your look from simple to edgy and bold. Wearing a leather jacket with your slip skirt will give you this edgy vibe, especially when you pair this duo with combat boots, a graphic T-shirt, and black sunnies. To make the outfit even bolder, choose a slip skirt with an animal print to give off hip vibes.

Morning special events

For a well-put-together outfit that suits your bestie’s morning engagement or a colleague’s bachelorette party, your slip skirt will come to the rescue. Style anything soft, delicate, and airy with your skirt. A nice cardigan or soft blouse will go perfectly with this skirt. Style this outfit with heels or nice boots and use soft accessories and jewelry to be suitable for this occasion.

Know that you’re free to wear any style you like to any occasion according to your personality and preferences. We’re just making suggestions that we know could work for the occasion. Slip skirts can be styled with coats and jackets in the wintertime and can also be styled with T-shirts and airy blouses during summer and hot months. Invest in a couple of slip skirts and you won’t regret it!

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