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Inspired by Netflix's Kaleidoscope: 8 Colorful Outfit Ideas For 8 Colorful Episodes

Mariam Youssef
1/23/23, 4:19 PM

Yellow, Green, Orange, Violet, Pink, Red, Blue, and White are the names of Kaleidoscope episodes that can be watched in any order you like on one condition: Pink and White should be the last ones. Since every episode is named after a color, we decided to challenge you to dress like each episode for 8 days. That said, get ready to get inspired by the coming colorful outfits brought to you by Netflix’s Kaleidoscope.

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Violet is for strong, confident women who don’t fear showing off their claws while still looking feminine and beautiful. Because violet is a unique color, you can go with various shades to create different outfits. Go bold with a full suit or tone it down a bit with a lighter shade. A violet dress and coat will make you look elegant and superior; however, a violet top and silk skirt will give off strong feminine vibes.


Valentine’s day is less than a month away, so this would be a great chance to pull off some daring red outfits. You can go for a monochromatic look if you like to stand out and look unique or you can choose red statement pieces and accessories to define your look. You can also pair your favorite jeans with a red pullover and coat for a subtle look or make your outfit funky by choosing plaid red pants.


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Unleash your inner sunflower and rock yellow outfits like a pro. Yellow can be a showstopper if you know how to style it. Don’t be afraid to dress in full yellow clothes; you can make drop-dead gorgeous outfits with the right techniques. Moreover, choose a shade that matches your skin tone so your outfit looks nice on you.


This color could be safe or daring according to how you decide to style it. Most of us own blue jeans, so if you decide to wear your jeans and pair them with a blue sweater, we’d totally root for you but that would be the safest option. To create more daring outfits, think blue coats, shoes, pants, and accessories.

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Did you know that orange is one of the most trendy colors in 2023? Take this chance to show off your inner fashionista and style daring and chic orange outfits. You can go for brighter shades to create eye-catching outfits or go for pastel shades for morning simple looks.


Create versatile green outfits using different shades and hues. The best thing about this color is the diversity of its shades. Go crazy creating outfits using these shades: emerald, jade, mint, pear, lime, and sage, to name a few. Don’t forget to add statement green accessories to make the outfits even bolder.


Nothing screams femininity louder than pink! It’s playful, fun, sexy, and girly. Play around with its shades to create timeless outfits that will never fail to make you eye candy wherever you go. Dress in pink from top to bottom and channel your inner Emily in Paris.


We love white outfits because this color is timeless and forever in style. Whenever you’re dressed in full-white outfits, you’ll always make a statement of powerful femininity. Style your white outfits with the right accessories and jewelry to make them stand out even more.

Let’s Mix!

For the love of color blocking, here are some outfit ideas mixing some of the mentioned colors to create awesome, unique outfits.

If you haven’t watched the show, we suggest you do, especially if you’re into shows like La Casa Di Papel. Let us know how you styled your colorful monochromatic outfits.


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