59 Lazy Day Outfits Inspired by Instagram Bloggers and Models
Mariam Youssef
1/10/23, 1:00 PM

Who isn't looking for lazy day outfits that keep us cozy and comfy in winter? As simple as they seem, when it's time to put one on, we often get confused as to how to still make it look chic and elegantly effortless. So, as usual, we took to Instagram to find cute lazy day outfits inspired by bloggers and models...

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Lazy day sportswear outfits

Images credit: Pinterest, khloekardashian, nazaninkavari

There's a reason behind us wearing sportswear everywhere, not just to the gym. It's super comfy and easy to move around all day. It's a personal lazy day favorite of ours, plus it makes you look like you were just working out. To make it practical for everyday use, you could throw on a cozy sweater or even a trench coat. 

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Lazy day outfits with sweatpants

Images credit: Pinterest

Sweatpants – the ultimate lazy day piece. We've always thought they can look really cool when styled properly. Sneakers with sweatpants make a big difference. Moreover, layer a coat, cardigan, or preppy jacket on top and you're good to go. 

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Just throw on a nice coat or jacket

Images credit: Pinterest, iambeauticurve, double3xposure, sarasampaio

A cute jacket or chic coat can make almost any outfit look 10 times better. If you're feeling lazy and not sure what to wear, you can almost wear whatever you want with jeans or leggings and throw on your favorite coat. Add boots or sneakers, and you’re done!

A comfy set for a lazy day

Images credit: sarasampaio, stylingwithmirna1, christendominique

Sets have been in style for quite some time and we’re so thankful for this trend. No jeans or shirts, just comfy loose pants and basic soft sweaters. You can also jazz up the look by picking a set in a nice, cool pattern, like tie-dye. 

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Dress it up a little 

Images credit: iambeauticurve, Pinterest, christendominique

If you're taking the look from day to night, or you're going out at night but too lazy to put in a huge effort in dressing up, you can still get away with having on a lazy day outfit. With jeans or even sweatpants, you can create a nice lazy outfit and dress it up with cute strappy heels. This is also perfect if you're having people over and don’t feel like looking extra.

Leather pants + Tee + Jacket

Images credit: elsyguevara, Pinterest, iambeauticurve

These game-changing leather pants look amazing when worn with your favorite t-shirt, a blazer, and bright lip color. We love Maybelline because it goes on matte and has the perfect amount of color for a casual day.

Hoodies for lazy days

Images credit: Pinterest

Put on your favorite pair of jeans and style them with a comfy hoodie. You can invest in a couple of hoodies that look nice as well as cozy. If you want to feel even more comfortable, go for oversized hoodies, but make sure to style them with skinny or flare pants.

Fitted Dress and Coat

Images credit: nazaninkavari, khloekardashian, Pinterest

The best thing about fitted or bodycon dresses is that they’re easy to put on while providing you with a chic effortless look. Since it’s cold outside, layer your fitted dress with a coat to stay warm. You may also add nice accessories, such as chic boots to make you look more elegant.

Winter days are usually lazy. Therefore, we always need easy-to-wear outfits to work, school, or errands. These lazy outfits will surely inspire you to create your own. Now, tell us, which style is your favorite?

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