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How To Look Like You Put An Effort Into Your Outfit When You Couldn't Bother

Farida Abdel Malek
5/6/18, 12:00 AM

You know when you just don’t feel like putting an effort in, well, anything really. Sometimes the thought of even brushing your teeth, let alone picking out an outfit, seems exhausting. Trust me I don’t know anyone who doesn’t go through that. 

Well for me when that happens I tend to pull off a few tips and tricks to fake the “I put a lot of effort into my outfit” look. when you’re heading off to work or you're going out with the girls and everyone’s dressed up, you still want to feel good about yourself. You know the effortless look? Like yes, I just threw this on but it looks great and I put thought into it. Here are my tips on how to fake it:

1. A Red Lip and Sunglasses.

This is going to sound conventional and I know you’ve seen this a million times, but nothing works like a charm like red lips. It makes any outfit look ten times better, and when you feel like putting absolutely nothing on your face throw on some shades and red lips will light up your face and outfit.

2. A Pair of Gold Earrings. 

Those are a recent discovery of mine and believe me it’s gold. Literally. Again these completely turn around your outfit from sloppy to high fashion. Statement earrings are in, so buy yourself a pair or two, and trust me, they go with almost any outfit you won’t take them off.

3. Boyfriend Jeans and Heels. 

This combo is my favorite trick. They both complement each other. One tones the outfit up and the other tones it down. Boyfriend jeans are your best friend for lazy days they’re comfy but they’re not sweatpants. So with a pair of gorgeous heels and an easy basic top you can rock them for your night out and people will see you as the coolest girl in town

4. Button Down Shirts.

I don’t stray away from these all summer, they’re a cheat for the “I threw this awesome outfit on in two minutes” look. They can go from baggy beach style to put together workplace friendly. Also so many material and fit options out there.

5. Sleek Hairdo  

This is for the oily and messy hair days when you just want to get your hair out of your face so you don't have to deal with it all day. Slick your hair back in a low bun or ponytail and pair it with statement earrings to give you major high fashion editorial vibes.

6. The Bag

You most probably have that bag that you're so proud of purchasing. You know, the one that's really expensive or looks really expensive. Lazy days is the time to pull off an 'Olsens look', that gorgeous bag will make you look 10 times more sophisticated than it is. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @jeannedamas


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Farida Abdel Malek

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