Expect to See These 9 Bag Trends in 2023
Mariam Youssef
1/26/23, 6:00 PM

We don’t expect all fashion addicts to throw away their old bags and buy new, trendy ones. However, we love to share every new trend with you so you can keep up with the fashion game. Bags are an essential part of any outfit. They’re a feminine addition to your look and they’re practical and fun. Whether you like tiny or enormous bags, this year has everything for everyone. That said, let’s get into the 2023 bag trends that we expect to see everywhere.

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Belt Bags

You probably don’t want to take much—or anything—into 2023. With these stylish belt purses that can only hold the necessities, you may go hands-free. They are ideal because of their functionality for working on set or looking adorable on a brunch date with the gals.

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Super Big

Some people think that the bigger the bag, the better. When it comes to making a statement, large proportions rule supreme. The goal is to appear as though you are carrying the kitchen sink and everything else. All of your belongings, including your laptop, sunglasses, water bottle, shoes, aspirations, and goals, can fit in these bags.

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Vintage Clutch

Hard-shell purses and clutches with vintage-inspired designs were seen on the runways of Acne Studios, Chanel, and Simone Rocha, making them an official must-have. Additionally, Moda Operandi loves this style. Hand-held clutches feel brand new again thanks to structured silhouettes. A clutch will get you through any occasion and more for those days when you don't need much.

Dripping Crystals

Imagine a handbag made from a flapper dress, crystal icicles, or sparkling fringe. It will be difficult to resist showing off the glitter and movement of these fabulous bags, but why hold back? Show off 2023 main character energy!

Practical Pocket Bags

Try these huge pocket bags if you want to be more organized in 2023. This incredibly useful trend was included in spring 2023 collections from Louis Vuitton, Versace, Ferragamo, and more, and we have no doubt that it will continue long into the following year. Categorize your possessions just like you would with the people in your life.

Top-Handle Bags

For the upcoming season, the ultra-feminine is in, and nothing screams class and sophistication like a good top-handle bag. However, you don't have to look like a grandma while carrying one. For spring 2023, Bottega Veneta, Dior, and Miu Miu all introduced revised trends, but if you want to be in the loop, go for this style.

Extremely Minimalistic

In 2023, perhaps you could eliminate some items and go to the basics again. However, the basics don't have to be simple. An ultra-minimalist bag is simple, clean, and when done properly, looks incredibly luxurious.

Floral Design

We've all heard the cliche about clichés, which is overused in the fashion industry, but this season, all your favorite brands went all out with it on the runways. Floral is back for the spring season, from Valentino's vibrant floral designs to Loewe's embellishments on, you won't have enough.

Rhinestones and Sequin

Not only on New Year's Eve, but all year round as well. The whole year through you can enjoy sparkles and shine. You can make sequins as loud or as soft as you like. This season, there are heavily decorated bags as well as more understated ones. Pick your favorite!

It’s important to note that not all of the mentioned bags can work with you. So, choose whatever suits you and your style to elevate the final look. Now tell us, which bag trend is your favorite?

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