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Foods And Drinks That Help With Morning Sickness

Mariam Youssef
1/22/23, 2:17 PM

Our bodies act crazy when we’re pregnant! A small whiff of your favorite cinnamon latte, cilantro in your salad, or even your husband’s scent may trigger vomiting. The first trimester of pregnancy is probably the hardest! Almost all pregnant women suffer from nausea, morning sickness, fatigue, and a lot more symptoms. Sometimes, nausea and morning sickness, the two most common symptoms in the 1st trimester, are extreme. To all the pregnant women out there, we know how tired and exhausted you feel. Therefore, we decided to share the best foods and drinks that help with morning sickness to relieve your discomfort and make this phase easier on you.

Before getting into the article, it is important to note that excessive morning sickness and nausea aren’t something that can be treated by foods and drinks. If you’re suffering from excessive symptoms, speak to your doctor immediately.

Stay hydrated

Drinking fluids is crucial if you are frequently throwing up in order to prevent dehydration. Drinks with sugar or honey are easier to tolerate; take a sip every 15 minutes. Try drinking mineral or soda water, lemonade, or glucose drinks. Suck on ice cubes, icy poles, ice blocks, frozen fruit juice, frozen yogurt, or frozen flavor milk. It might be better to eat jelly. Drinks with high levels of acid should be avoided because they can irritate your stomach.

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Try ginger

There is proof that ginger is an effective herbal therapy for nausea in pregnant women. Ginger is used to treating indigestion in many countries. Because we all know that ginger is super sour and cannot be consumed alone, here are some ways to consume it:

  • Add a half teaspoon of ginger powder to your usual cup of tea (or any hot beverage).
  • Grate some ginger and add it to a warm cup of water.
  • Eat ginger-flavored biscuits.
  • Make a cup of warm lemon with honey and add ginger slices.

Eat smaller portions of food

Every half hour, eat a small number of carbohydrates, such as cracker biscuits, 1 tablespoon of rice, pasta, or breakfast cereal, or 1 teaspoon of banana or other fruit. Moreover, eat a small number of carbohydrates ten minutes before the main course. It is best to keep your meal portions small but eat regularly. Make sure not to drink any fluids during meals too.

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Go with low-fat food

Low-fat foods might be simpler to digest and alleviate the discomfort that comes from binge eating. Include the following things in your diet: plain salty crackers and cheese, popcorn, dry breakfast cereal, simmered, canned, fresh, or dry fruit, rice, pasta, or noodles, as well as steamed, boiled, or fresh vegetables and soups.

Lemons are your best friends

The smell of lemons has been found to reduce morning sickness in pregnant women. Breathe it in: Try aromatherapy oils, sip lemonade or iced tea with lemon, or keep freshly cut slices on hand in your kitchen. A lemon-flavored meal may also assist with dysgeusia, an unpleasant metallic taste that some pregnant women experience in the early stages of pregnancy.

Stay away from these foods

You probably know that fatty or fried foods may trigger your morning sickness. That’s why it is best to stay away from them along with thick, creamy gravies or soups, sweets and candy, such as chocolate, rich desserts, pastries, and cakes. It is also best to avoid strong-smelling vegetables that may make you feel like vomiting. Moreover, try to avoid coffee, tea, cocoa, fizzy drinks, spicy foods, wholemeal, and high-fiber bread.

Know your triggers

As discussed above, every pregnant woman has her individual list of the things that trigger morning sickness. For example, some women are triggered by the smell of almonds in their husbands' breaths, while others can be triggered by the smell of a specific herb they use during cooking. Know your list of triggers and try to avoid them as much as possible.

Finally, although we have listed a number of suggestions that can help with your morning sickness, you should know that it is mandatory to go see your doctor, should the symptoms become excessive or intolerable.

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